Friday, May 28, 2010

Wisdom from the Government that spends 1 billion + for their summits

People who find themselves covered in feces should call 911 immediately.

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

In case of sonic attack at the G20 protest follow these rules . . .

The addition of sound cannons to the arsenal available to security forces managing G20 protests comes as no surprise to groups planning to demonstrate in Toronto at next month’s summit.

“It will allow us to communicate, most effectively, our demands to the crowd" [said Const. Wendy Drummond, spokeswoman for Toronto police.]

The devices — some call them weapons — use an array of tweeters familiar to any hi-fi enthusiast that work in tandem to produce the high volume levels.

“Saying a sound cannon is a tool for communications is like saying waterboarding isn’t torture, just a tool for encouraging dialogue,” said [Council of Canadians] spokesman Mark Calzavara.
This is Hawkwind, do not panic!

Bring on the Delatron!

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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Have a safe 24 weekend

On a Canadian holiday traditionally celebrated with a "24" of one's favourite brew, The London Fog would like to remind our readers to play safe and not throw caution to the wind in the heat of the drunken moment with that smokey smelling girl who's the last one to pass out at the camp fire. Keep in mind that after a couple days of steady drinking . . .

There's an election on the horizon, and you don't want to be distracted by troublesome genitals when you could be defeating the Axis of Evil running your city.

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let us hope the Canadiens do not win the playoffs

Riots and looting in Montreal have occurred over a hockey team. Soccer mentality has come to Canada once again. It's just a game people, but I suppose an excuse to steal and vandalize is always going to be appealing to some primates, especially when the herd gets worked up.

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Protesting the Extradition of Marc Emery

Marijuana activists occupy the office of Conservative heritage minister James Moore and roll joints. See the video here:

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mock Them All

Lorne Gunter writing about the recent South Park controversy:

There are several disconcerting aspects to the incident in which the animated series South Park allegedly insulted Muslims by blaspheming Muhammad.

The death threats made to the creators of the show for their "outright insult" to the prophet came from a radical Muslim group inside the United States, not one in some far-off land. The network the show airs on, Comedy Central, and the company that owns the network, Viacom, instantly bowed to the threats and censored out depictions of and references to Muhammad from a subsequent episode. Authorities seemed not to treat the threats as a criminal matter. And the satirical references to Jesus that followed slipped by without incident.


If it had been Christian zealots who had promised death for insulting depictions of Christ, the media, bureaucracy and politicians would have known instantly and instinctively to criticise and contain them.

But political correctness overrides such instincts when it comes to Muslims. The first response of many Western authorities when Muslims take offence is to mollify, to urge the altering or cessation of whatever Western behaviour it is that has given offence.


This approach will be as successful as giving the schoolyard thug your lunch money. Tomorrow he'll be back for your lunch money and bus fare, too.

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May the Best man win!

I, for one, am outraged at the the length of time Her Worship's husband has had to wait to clear his name of the ridiculous accusations he faces. And to make him wait until January to clear his name is clearly an indication that someone, somewhere, wants this innocent man to suffer indefinitely. Nor is it a coincidence that this incident has been drawn out to coincide with the upcoming election. The black cloud hanging over the incumbent mayor is clearly a cheap trick by nefarious forces to defame our glorious leader.

I'm sure the key witness, who has run to the other side of the world, must certainly have requested he face the Taliban rather than further slander this innocent man's name. To think that the police would have the audacity to assume that just because our man was (supposedly - accusation unproven in court) caught jogging through some backyards in Dorchester shortly after an SUV (supposedly - accusation unproven in court) belonging to him was crashing into cars several miles away reeks of a personal vendetta on behalf of the police (or someone). This is so obviously a setup instigated by enemies of Her Worship and her spouse. But fear not Londoner, justice shall prevail and Tim Best shall go free!!!

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

"I'm a fleabit peanut monkey/All my friends are junkies . . . "

I forgot how much I used to enjoy reading about the adventures of Curious George . . .

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Mind Your Own Business

According to Barbara Kay, writing in the National Post on Wednesday, the pill has been more of a hindrance than a help to women, and she suggests it is more of a burden and contributes to a breakdown of marriage. I take issue with this statement, as I never wanted children and have been with the same man for years. Better to be responsible than have to resort to an abortion if you are dead set against having children. And what about condoms? Such a backward advance I suppose, considering they help protect against disease and also provide a relatively natural alternative to contraception. I have no interest in taking the pill because it interferes with a woman's health, but I do take responsibility for my actions and it is none of Ms. Kay's business on how other folks conduct their behavior. I don't need children and never have. Really, mind your own business.

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