Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hurricanes 2009

I watched the course of Hurricane Bill with some interest. As it tracked towards the USA, there was the usual hype about more and bigger storms threatening our safety. All caused by global warming of course. Oddly, when Bill shifted course and beat the hell out of the Atlantic Provinces of Canada, the media in the states lost all interest. I guess if it doesn’t affect them, it doesn’t really happen.

The next hurricane in the pipeline, now dubbed Dan, looks like it too will turn north and possibly bash the Maritime Provinces. It too will be of little interest to big media if it does.

Don’t these people know that all that rain plays havoc with our igloos? ;^)

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Friday, August 28, 2009

More dead Kennedys

Ted is dead. 40 years after baptism by the Devil in a tidal channel on Chappaquiddick Island.

Call me callous but I really don't care.

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Life's a bitch and then you marry one. Then you have kids and perpetuate the whole Goddamn mess all over again

Does anyone really ever get cured of depression? I mean without pills or ongoing therapies? It's potentially as lucrative an industry as death. There will always be morticians because people will always need to be cremated/buried or ritualistically tossed in a swamp; there will always be drugs/religion/secular social services because, let's face it, life is a continuous, meaningless ongoing struggle against death.

And if they can be certified from the time they're five, that's a lot of lifetime consumers for the needy services industry. A life time of drugs and therapy awaits because, well, no one really gets over it, especially if one is reminded from an early age that it's who and what you are.

"Difficult temperament at five months was the most important predictor of depression and anxiety in the children . . . As early as the first year of life, there are indications that some children have more risks than others to develop high levels of depression and anxiety."
It has now been revealed that "15 per cent of preschoolers suffer depression". Wow, that's a lot of kids! That's near as many kids as adults who'll grow up to smoke cigarettes. Hell, maybe they're in the same demographic. These are probably the same kids who feel an early aversion to Disney and refuse to sing along with all the phony bullshit singalong songs they march to in daycare - these kids just ain't healthy. And rest assured those numbers will only get worse once these kids start school.

And if mom is depressed, well, time for a domestic intervention - best just move those kids to a home that's safe!
"We found that lifetime maternal depression was the second most important predictor of atypically high depressive and anxiety problems during preschool years," said Cote.

"Our study is the first to show that infant temperament and lifetime maternal depression can lead to a high trajectory of depressive and anxiety problems before school entry."
The new breed of foster parent will be required to pass a happy test.

Better get those kids into a social(ist) workers care before they get used to a life without interference. We must make them happy - or at least help them to not think.

Is there any correlation between intelligence and depression?

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Friday, August 14, 2009

Crime Wave, Heat Wave

The London Free Press is up to its' mission of social justice, again.

Of course, in the aftermath of some crazed criminals running amuck, who does the peoples fish wrap attack, why the police of course * .

How about having a little investigative reporting chit-chat with the 'alleged' felon's social worker. Maybe the proletarians who live in fear in this town would like to know why Comrade Social Worker failed in protecting the public interest. How about a few of the other highly paid, highly pensioned socialist social service workers who are supposed to turn riff-raff into taxpayers? How about his anger management coach? His anger management facilitator? His literacy tutor? His contacts at the needle exchange? His co-ordinator at the shelter where he eats dinner? Hmmmm?

Everyone who lives in the rough part of town seems to know this creep. A ticking time bomb, as they say. And as for the working Non-Hyphenated-Canadians who work the night shifts in the creative city, they are thankful to have police. But our left of reality paper sticks to the party line, ignoring the garbage mountain of failed social programs, incompetent paper pushers, non-ability collage of egg heads spouting fairy cake theory, and other concrete proof of the eternal failure of socialist thought.

The London Free Press edifice is located in the heart of the crime filled sector that this clay brick of the main stream media has nurtured. I pray to the Moon Goddess (we are not a Christian country any more, eh what), that when the useful idiots and time servers and ideologues and non-ability hires and invisible reporters and aristocrats who are children of talent go for their coffee, or walk to their cars in the parking lot, or just walk outside, that when some scum jabs them with a HIV needle-exchange needle, mugs them, robs them, or even keys their car, that there is no big meanie po-lice around to offend their world view. Let them face the same perils that the working proletariat face. Given the crime wave in London, this will be sooner (before the ice caps melt), rather than later (after the ice caps melt).

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Dopes in high places

I have never voted for the Liperals and certainly did not want them to win the last election, but I was even more hopeful the Cons would not get a majority. Needless to say, I was pleased with the results of the election. That is up until I discovered the newest leader of the Liperals, What's His Name from that Ivy League school, backed Bill C-15, supporting the Cons. I've been left hoping that someone for some reason - any reason - would call an election to kill this bill before it grows. But no.

Ignatieff, just what the hell are you smoking? And, for that matter, where are all the poseur libertarians (who for reasons unknown think they can safely vote for the Cons) - or, at the very least, dope smoking journalists - condemning this piece of nanny state toilet paper? Is it because it's summer and everyone is too busy swilling beer at the cottage to think about dopes in high places?

The Cons pretend to be about less government and lower taxes but, after funding Government Motors under the presumption that a wasteful corporation can some how be improved by the National Bureaucracy, they now want lock up amateur botanists in costly government hostels where gangs thrive (and where new tenants may very well associate with one).

But, as Neil Boyd points out, it won't be the feds themselves who pay for this it will be the provinces (either way, it's you and me). While the Feds and provinces figure out who gets the bill, they'll still jail your hippie aunt for a plant and take the credit for being tough on gangs. But this just seems unwise:

Let's acknowledge that there are features of some large-scale marijuana grow operations that deserve a strong rebuke: The theft of electricity, the exposure of children to toxic moulds, and the presence of guns or other weapons at the site of a grow. Penalize these activities, not the growing of cannabis itself -- this activity can be engaged in safely, without risk to children, or the surrounding community.

At the end of the day, however, using the criminal law against cannabis is wholly counter-productive. It's criminalization that causes theft of electricity, violence in the cannabis trade, exposure to toxic moulds, and provides folks who are sometimes mindless thugs with millions of dollars in untaxed income.
Woe to you, Oh Earth and Sea, for the Devil sends the
beast with wrath:

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Mad Bomber

There is a firebug afoot at Adelaide and Huron.

Social Spending, anyone?

Those of us familiar with the tax and spend feeding spirial wonder about how it will manifest here in London.

Those poor victims. I can only speculate on how society has failed them. And how the public education system is underfunded, let alone the health care system. Collectively, we have failed little Ignis (the name I made up for this Looter-Canadian). And, of course, Ignis is a victim, even though he is a firebug.

Breast Feeding. Little Ignis was probably weaned from the tit too early. This trauma can be used (and has used, is used, and will be used) to pardon all sorts of crimes of people whose tribes vote Liberal. Perhaps little Ignis was weaned from the tit too late. It is a justifiable reason to go out decades after the fact and torch neighbours property. And for a member of a progressive-activist block, its a get out of jail and into an entitled handout card. And then again maybe Ignis was denied his rights to breastfeed and subjected to the bottle. No axe murderer was ever less guilty with such a background. Poor Ignis ... denied the breast, er, too much breast, er, denied the bottle, er, too much bottle. Regardless of how you spin it, society has failed.

This happens in Toronto all the time. No killer, robber, bandit, or rapist (provided they are non-white, non-christian, and non-taxpayer) is presented naked to the disproportionately leftist judiciary without a white-guilt defense. When a youth was murdered not far from the Science Center, the aristocrats rushed to build a community center. The same standards apply here.

The City of London should build a community center at Adelaide and Huron. The alienated expect no less.

Without an increased display of funding, the crime spree will not stop. It might not get better, but we will be told that it will not get worse as fast as it would have without another wheelbarrow of money stuffed into the rat hole of social spending. I saw the same thing in Toronto, and, given that all cultures are equal (etcetera etcetera) the equal treatment is called for.

Where is the community center? Until it appears, expect more angry, alienated youth off committing crimes that you, the taxpayer must both subsidize and pay for. And that community center better get built pretty fast. You would not want a crime wave in London would you?

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

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