Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jet D'Eau: A Taxi Driver Speaks

Thank God for the jet d'eau which has helped wash away the garbage and trash off the sidewalks. I'm working long hours now, six in the afternoon to six in the morning. Sometimes even eight in the morning, six days a week. Sometimes seven days a week. It's a long hustle but it keeps me real busy. I can take in three, three fifty a week. Sometimes even more when I do it off the meter.

All the animals come out at night - activists, professors, organizers, queens, fairies, journalists, dopers, junkies, teachers, sick, venal. Someday a real jet d'eau will come and wash all this scum off the streets. I go all over. I take people to White Oaks, Masonville, I take 'em to Western. I don't care. Don't make no difference to me. It does to some. Some won't even take public union members. Don't make no difference to me.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Invisible Randy Richmond

More reports of crime in London. Now the reporter who re-wrote the police press release is not mentioned. His tagline is invisible. Did the invisible Randy Richmond write this?

The criminals have no race. No street names, either. Although this time the London Free Press found the time to report that the miscreants wore blue bandannas. Which is to say Crips. The organized criminal gang, the Crips.

Now, the press is promoting racism. By not stating the race of the criminals, the people who read the paper are assuming that they are people of colour. This contributes to the perception that POC are disproportionately criminals, neer-do-wells, and parasites. Given that the POC are already disproportionately represented in prisons, this makes the challenges of the POC to recreate their lives, culture, customs, and language here in their host country that much more difficult. Of course, this is not fair. Progressives and activists like to blame anyone but criminals for crime. Perhaps the rapist did not get a prompt diaper change in his formative years. Perhaps the murderer was weaned from the breast too soon, too late, or not at all. Perhaps the thief was outraged over slavery three hundred years ago. Maybe someone (who is not an N-person) used the forbidden N-word. The crimes are henious, the excuses limitless, and the need for taxpayers money to provide services that are always inadequate, make the problems worse, and provide employment for progressives and activists, bottomless.

So when the urban proles have their racist world view reinforced by the Main Stream Media this is not good. Now activists and progressives are fond of using 'fund fascism to fight fascism'. Is the media here encouraging racism in order to have more racist incidents which can be reported (and increase circulation)? Perhaps the paper has rejected the oppressive 'advancement based on ability' of the oppressive white culture, and instead promotes and hires based on race? Perhaps the circulation of the paper has sunk so low that there are no longer vigilant readers to write letters to the editor Pierre Burton's son to bring this to attention. I guess that he does not read his own paper.

Subscribers should look to the actions of Pierre Burton's son, and not his words. They do not match. If Pierre Burton's son does not read his own paper, why should you? And if the invisible Randy Richmond can report on events that he does not attend, surely you can make his paper invisible, then they would match. The newspaper that employs invisible reporters should be, itself, invisible.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

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Is that a grow op in your basement or an old beer fridge?

David Suzuki and his ilk are tightening the laces on their jackboots. If you thought kicking in doors to search and seize property because of little herb was silly, you better dispose of that old beer fridge.

Lorrie Goldstein reports:

In the original version of McGuinty's Green Energy Act -- applauded by the Suzuki Foundation and other environmental groups as "world class" -- Suzuki, or anyone designated by a government bureaucrat, could, in fact, under the "Inspection, Enforcement and Penalties" section of the law, conduct surprise search and seizure raids on anyone's home or business.

This to check out activities deemed suspicious by the government related to energy or water use.

In the case of a house raid, the government, uh, generously stipulated a search warrant would have to be obtained, presumably before grilling groggy homeowners at midnight about their electricity and water bills.

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Invisible Randy Richmond

Yet another progressive coup for everybodies favourite newspaper person, the one with the super power of invisibility ... Randy Richmond.

This weeks episode: Street Swarmings in London Town

No mention of the race of perps. When my co-workers were discussing this at break (being working poor, that is white people with white privilege who still pay taxes and do not have access to the fast track to social benefits that the disadvantaged do; they live in the area of the crimes) they assume (like the good people of Toronto now do) that the perps are people of color. Indeed, this Toronto phenomena has come to London town. When the main stream media does not mention the race of criminals, public opinion assumes that they are some dusky hue. Now this has been a known thing for some years now. I would have assumed that the invisible Randy would have known this. Regardless of whatever personal standard of journalism he has, he has reinforced racist sentiments in a large number of people. Maybe next time he could mention the race of the criminals. Then again, maybe he is indulging in the 'fight fascism by feeding fascism' so popular with people who make a good living out of espousing hatred for fascists. Maybe it is a property of invisibility.

No mention of the street name or gang affiliation of the perps. Again, this is the pattern of our wiser, better paid, betters in the Main Stream Media. Having once lived in a safe area of Toronto (activist speak: area of white privilege)I know that the street swarmings are how it all starts. My once peaceful neighbourhood in Toronto (the Beaches) began its decline with street swarmings. Now they are in London. It would be nice though to know the street name of the perps and their gang affiliation. Back in Toronto, the soon wary population has learnt to avoid certain colours (especially in cars, clothing, or house trim), not to go out at night, not shop at certain stores, not shop at stores when gangbangers are inside the stores, not leave a new or shiny bicycle outside, even if locked up or hidden in the back yard, not use the nearby instabanks, do not flash cash, cell phones or ipods while on the street, to move in groups (especially if elderly, female, or young), avoid places where you can be mugged (alleys, parks, lawns, parking lots, school yards, and bus stops) and have a mail box that is secure from identity thieves.

It would have been nice for the invisible Randy Richmond to give us a clue as to which Bloods or Crips gang is setting up shop in London. But that sort of fact does not fit the progressive narrative, and might scare the off the taxpayers and lead them to develop a bias against the taxspenders that vote for progressives, provide jobs for progressives, and give heart rending anecdotes that provide the framework for the Ratheresque creative writing that is progressive journalism. When you know the gang, you know what colors to avoid, to watch out for; what type of hip hop the local tribe listens to (and that music that they listen to will foreshadow whatever street cred activity they will indulge in). Street names tell alot about the street behaviour of the oppressed and downtrodden and underfunded: do they prefer rape to robbery, or just public urination and painting over street signs.

One day I will meet the invisible Randy Richmond, hero and champion of our underfunded most vulnerable village peoples. Maybe I can tell him what the people who actually live in the area where the Toronto style urban crime is happening actually saw, heard, and say. Maybe he already knows, having used his invisible powers to see, hear, and ignore. Maybe his journalistic ethics, the textbook to which he keeps between his piggy bank and his copy of Marx, have some higher purpose in witholding, misshaping, and manipulating the news for the gain of the aristocratic class. I will find out. The invisible Randy Richmond is on my list.

I, Fenris Badwulf, wrote this.

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Engaging In The Right Kind Of Dialogue With Iran

Finally, the Iranians have given us a chanting mob we can all get behind. You'll cheer as a crowd in Teheran takes a "policeman" prisoner -- and burns his motorbike! Sweeet. More and faster and less gently, please, Iranians!

I think I got to this from the Corner but it's definitely at Gary's Choices.

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Monday, June 8, 2009

Do you want relish with the super sized Denialism Combo?

Yum! Here's one drive through I would love to idle in. I bet even the most inveterate vegetarian denialists among us might, just for a moment, be tempted to take up the practice of eating beef!

Me: But "Global Warming is Baloney" is certainly a different sort of message, a more political viewpoint?

McNelis: I would agree that it's a viewpoint, but not necessarily a political one. But we're not sheeple around here, and while Barack Obama would like to have you believe that no one is entitled to have a view other than his, if someone wants to stand up and say "Global Warming is Baloney", then I'm all for it. It doesn't matter to me, whether I believe in it or not. They have first amendment rights to say whatever's on their mind. And nobody dictates otherwise.
This is making me so hungry...

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