Sunday, December 7, 2008

The London Fog presents "Diversity Sundays"

As part of a new series exploring the new diversity in sexuality, the London Fog will explore some of the more unusual sexual practices which have moved from the fringes of society into the mainstream of post-internet western culture. In addition to spending the following weeks on-line and in clubs to unearth the growing diversification of sexual practices - which promise new freedoms for young, old, inhibited or otherwise in today's hyper-sexual reality - our correspondent will seek out diverse commentary on these new trends.

You may never view that seemingly frigid co-worker in the same light again.

The doll fetishist, James, 52, civil servant :

When she first arrived, it was a very surreal feeling having this gorgeous and life-like silicone creature sitting opposite me in the lounge.

Very gradually, however, I have got used to having her around and now I have grown to love her as I would a real woman. I know it must seem pretty sad, but for me, she's everything. I think of her primarily as a companion, although obviously she fulfills my sexual needs too – in my experience it's a lot easier and more pleasurable than the real thing! I like the fact that she's always there for me; she eats with me, sits and watches TV with me and sleeps with me. I haven't told anyone about Alice; my work colleagues would laugh at me and if my neighbours saw her they would probably freak out too. To me, however, it's the perfect partnership – and what harm am I doing to anyone else?

What does Islam have to say about such a development?
Will it be called a "bida'a" haram? To what extent is sexual intercourse with a 'replicant' without faith or feelings and moral obligations be acceptable? For sure if it is 'banned' by the ulema, which it will be for sure, nothing will be able to prevent the individual to buy a real life robot replicant and toy with it in the safety and security of their homes.

Yes it is easy to condemn and to lambast the people (of Muslim faith) who would use such methods to satisfy their sexual fantasies but in the same time such condemnations will not quench the urges and desires of these practicians, unfortunately.

Next Week: The asexual: Mark, 44, scientific glassblower