Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"It's a leap of faith," said Mayor Anne Marie DeCicco-Best

Only days after Mayor Anne-Marie Worst was heard warning Londoners about the need for fiscal prudence in the midst of an economic crisis, council once again mimics Christmas past and shoots some cash to another creative waste of taxpayer money.

(LFpress) A divided London city council threw a lifeline last night to a cultural institution on the brink of bankruptcy, guaranteeing a $500,000 loan to Orchestra London.

By a 13 to 5 vote, council made city taxpayers the backstop to an organization whose financial distress is even worse than orchestra officials had revealed last week -- a shortfall projected to grow to $900,000 by the end of June.

In providing the loan guarantee, councillors said the alternative would be a terrible blow to the city's culture.

"If we let this orchestra go, don't let us ever call ourselves a creative city again," Coun. David Winninger said.
Of course, Gord Hume, perpetual supporter of a multi-million dollar performing arts centre, echos Mr. Wingnut, though the day of reckoning is perceived as closer:
"We have to approve this or the orchestra won't be here for Christmas -- it's just that simple," Controller Gord Hume said.
As simple as global warming and just as likely to encourage other groups to line up for alms.