Friday, December 5, 2008

It just gets me so worked up...

If it were the year 1890, delicate people all across the dominion would be going into "hysterics" and getting "the vapors" over the multiple comical insensitivity of Kathy Shaidle's series of posts on the fascinating phenomenon of peanut allergies.

That diseases real and imagined go in and out of fashion is a well documented phenomenon. That they also provide opportunities for "noble" moral crusades and excuses for journeys of self-discovery/sabbaticals/malingering in our sterile, secular world is also a well known fact and something I am personally well acquainted with. Munchausen by Proxy is just its most extreme manifestation...

In a (yes, I'll say it: decadent bourgeious) culture that honors weakness and victimhood more than strength and heroism, fake epidemics and hypochondria should come as no surprise. Except they do because people are just so damn dumb.
A whole new frontier of denialism is opening before my eyes... fantastic!