Monday, November 24, 2008

Satire is to blame

I knew it was coming. I cast the plastic bags I have been hoarding, and understood before the smoldering ashes were extinguished. The blame for the persecution of red heads is to be leveled on the heads of the makers of South Park. White privilege once again rears its ugly head.

A B.C. student will reluctantly head back to school today after his classmates kicked him dozens of times last week during a daylong prank called "National Kick a Ginger Day."

The event, which has become an international phenomenon as word spread on the social networking site Facebook, asked kids across the country to kick schoolmates with red hair. The idea spread quickly from the virtual community into classrooms not just here in Canada but also into schools as far away as the U.K.

[..] Aaron Mishkin, a 13-year-old high school victim of the prank from Nanaimo, B.C., said he didn't know last Thursday was "kick a ginger day," but he quickly found out.

[..] Mishkin said punishing kids who participated in the violence may not be the best solution, but he said some of the kids should get counselling.

"Because really, it's like a hate crime directed against a group of people," he said.(CTV)
And if it's a hate crime, that means someone is going to attempt to gain some compensation for hurt feelings and bruised shins:
And one Calgary parent, who says his 12-year-old son was repeatedly kicked Thursday because of his red hair, says he may launch a lawsuit against South Park, the satirical television show that inspired the notion.

"It's worse than bullying," said Gorman, whose last name is being withheld to protect his son's identity.

"It's prejudice . . . it's not just 'Kick a red head today.' It's 'Kick them tomorrow,' 'Kick them at a party.'

"It goes on and on."

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