Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Loonar landing

"In years to come," tells Coun. Harold Usher who wants "all television sets to be tuned to Obama," "people will be asking, 'Where were you when Obama was inaugurated the 44th president of the United States?'"

Ummm… working, as in all probability during any previous inauguration ceremony? Which, incidentally, would be the most useful thing anyone can do to make any presidential administration a success unless its success is to be measured more by facile personality- or race-driven sentimentality than by results.

Postscript: again with the racist advertising at the London Free Press!

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Jake said...

I don't need the lone minority city councilor representing a third rate Canadian city to tell me if something is 'historic' because he thinks so.

Seems like Usher is playing the 'White Guilt' card yet again. He did the same with his 'report' on racial sensitivity--which supported affirmative action policies on hiring city staff. He then tried to insinuate that anyone who opposed it was a racist.

If I want to commemorate the inauguration of Obama, I'll just buy of those cheap novelty commemorative coins that the Franklin Mint has just released.