Friday, October 3, 2008


Canadian author Joseph Boyden may be "stunned when anyone — including the prime minister — labels the arts 'elitist'." But it is altogether less surprising to find a Canadian literary talent — interviewed from New York, incidentally — entirely misattributing recent cuts to arts funding as a product of coarse sentiments by wildly misreading a comment by Stephen Harper criticizing publicly subsidized artists.

What Canadian artists apparently lack in honesty or reading comprehension might be slightly compensated by their creative redefinition of themselves as "the arts" were it not for the fact that such self-serving interpretation is elitist itself. Fantastic re-enactment of Harper's comment in pursuit of a minor constituent election issue only exhibits the narrow, trivial, boorish and — frankly — elitist nature of much publicly funded art that disinterests ordinary Canadians in the first place.

Authors may "challenge the way we think," according to Carolyn Young, communications manager for the University of Western Ontario Book Store. But if Boynton is an example, they're not nearly as keen to challenge each others conventions when cold hard cash is on the line.


Little Tobacco said...

As far as mainstream parties go, the Tories are the only ones who should be able to be honest about funding the arts ... no "artist" is going to vote for them ... however, it was politically unwise totackle the issue during an election ... i still can't figure out what they were thinking.

Marginalized Action Dinosaur said...

Douglas Adams [hitch hikers guide to the galaxy] called them arts snobbery councils because they were in touch with the common man?

Joseph Boyden is a nit wit.

Little Tobacco said...

Actually, Joe Boyden is a great guy and quite bright ... however he is like many in the Arts community in that he is in a bubble where his comments are the accepted truth