Thursday, October 16, 2008

Curtailing Rights Because They Care

The CRTC has launched "a proceeding", with a corresponding commission, effectively multiplying the bureaucrat count, to consider the problem of the internet. What a fine way to secure existing positions in a time of economic collapse. Check the CRTC course guide for opportunities in your community.

The government agency says the proceeding will include a public hearing starting on February 17, 2009, in Gatineau, Que where the federal government is inviting comments on "the significance of broadcasting in new media and its impact on the traditional broadcasting system"

In simple terms, the agency is trying to establish a role for itself in the regulation of what Canadians can and should be able to see over the internet similar to the way the commission regulates what Canadians can see over Canadian radio and television.

The result of these hearings could result in in the overturning of a 1999 decision that exempted from regulation broadcasters that distribute their video content over the Internet. The hearings will also examine a 2007 decision that took a hands off approach to broadcasters and wireless companies who were sending video through cellphones and other mobile devices.

In a written statement this week, the federal bureaucrats said the review was required now because Canadians are now spending more time watching video over the internet and mobile devices. The Commission, therefore, wishes to consult on the "the appropriateness of the Commission's exemption orders for new media and mobile broadcasting services." (Digital Home)
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Marginalized Action Dinosaur said...

Support your big government.

Luckily the will allow so much crap on tv that I refuse to have it in the house, lest my children see it.

Graham said...

"..similar to the way the commission regulates what Canadians can see over Canadian radio and television."

Many's the enjoyable hour I've spent in the evening, sitting by a warm fire, sipping a brandy, and watching the radio.

basil said...

Canadians are superior to Americans Europeans and anyone else who thinks they have culture. We need more Canadian content on the net and, of course, the London Fog needs public funds to expand its role in spreading our down home Canadian culture.

We are Can-con artists! Give us your money!!!