Friday, September 12, 2008

Mars wants Obama!

From a journalistic perspective, entirely superfluous and predictable information has at least the advantage of demanding very little effort to report … so there's no surprise to see numerous articles flooding newspapers noting that Canada and the world* all "want" Obama … a bold claim for Canadians who don't even know what they want from their own election. But why wouldn't non-Americans want an American President who appears to be more pliant or even submissive to extraterritorial doctrine … besides which it is always easier to wish socialism on someone else.

If McCain is elected in November instead, however, Canada and the world can at least take satisfaction in the knowledge that they are able to choose when there are no responsibilities or consequences attached to their choice. Well done … and now we can move on to the next poll. Perhaps the U.S. and the world can tell

* If 46 per cent of respondents worldwide say that "the election of a black man as president would 'fundamentally change' their perception of the U.S.," wouldn't that indicate that at least 46 per cent of the world is racist?