Thursday, September 11, 2008

It's the stupid environment

The shame of the upcoming federal election, according to London Free Press Editor-in-Chief Paul Berton, is that it isn't going to be "about the environment or the Liberal plan for a carbon tax." Unfortunately for Berton, such vague and insubstantial objects suffer from association with a vague and insubstantial preposition, and vice versa.

Still, feeble language has never deterred campaign themes in the past, and there should be no doubt that equally weak alternatives can always be found during this one. In any event it's difficult to locate Berton's concern since, as he informs us, "a carbon tax is inevitable." And like the Turk who repeats his wish 40 times to make it come true, he continues:

We may not get a carbon tax this year or next or even the year after. But a carbon tax, or something very much like it, is coming whether we wish to admit it or not.
A carbon tax by this description as an irresistible force of nature — like global warming? — would hardly then be worth a debate in the first place. But Berton does not entirely believe his own scoldings, or his rebuke that "common sense tells us, even if some refuse to admit it, that a carbon tax … can create as many jobs as it might cost" would be unnecessary. Common sense has apparently retired from public life and become Berton's own personal therapist.

The abstract of Berton's dissertation is that a carbon tax is good for the environment because the environment is good for a carbon tax because a carbon tax is good for … etc. With as little effort, readers can conclude that a means to an end may just as well be an end to our means.


Canadian Infidel said...

The Carbon Tax is the socialist, utopians dream. A tax, that detrimentally, covers virtually every aspect of our lives.

From eating to heating, the socialists will be able to control every aspect of our lives as they could have never dreamed of before. All under the guise of "globull warming" which is sending us into colder and colder years ahead.

After all, why should we non-academic, non-elitists be able to get through a brutal winter comfortably without it driving us into poverty.

John Nicklin said...

a carbon tax … can create as many jobs as it might cost

Just like the gun registry, the carbon tax will create many jobs. Just because all the new hires will be working in the Carbon Tax Unit shouldn't disuade us from pushing this idea forward. We can have an entire economy structured around collecting, auditing, investigating, and compliance of the the new tax system. What's not to love if you are a socialist?

We need more and better taxes, its our destiny... if we are stupid enough to elect those wingnuts.