Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Human Right To Choose To Silence The CBC

Generally, I'd rather roll an annual toonie down the gutter and into the sewer than bequeath it to the Conservatives by casting a vote for them in an election. Still, I have my price. If I thought that a majority Conservative government would finally turn off the CBC sewer pipe at the source, I'd have to reconsider participating.

As an honorary member of the redneck white trash community, it's the least I could do for our country's most vulnerable victim group. (HT SDA)


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natasha said...

I don't mean to cast aspersions - well, actually, maybe I do. The only way Mallick could possibly know that all Republican men are sexually inadequate is if she's slept her way through the lot of them.

But then, I guess I'm just one of those white trash hillbillies that Malice Mouth is bumping her gums about.

Great way to spend taxpayers' dollars - on CBC hacks like that idiot.