Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Do you think sound poetry just grows on metal trees?

Regarding sound poet Penn Kemp's cry for cash for trash, here's some stuff that won't be funded any more by the Harper fascists -- that is to say, by all you lucky Canadian taxpayers. This was recorded by me at a "peace" rally last year.

"All the poems I'm passing over are just fabulous."

Ask yourself, how much did it cost to write the two poems in this video? .0001 cents' worth of graphite and two piece of paper?

There was a homeless guy the other day loudly muttering deep stuff to himself. I gave him 20 cents. He didn't even ask for it. He didn't even call me a Nazi for not giving him the whole dollar, because he knew I'd given him enough riches to write dozens and dozens of poems.

Oh well, maybe I can get in on this thing too.

Take their grants away
Bake their brants a bay
Cake their cants a cray
Fake their France a fray
Gake their grants a gay
Make their mants a may
Pake their pants a pay
Quake their quants a quay
Rake their rants a ray
Wake their wants a way
Never again - never a gain - To hear -- the sub - sid - eyes'd - screeeeeeeams -- of the tal... lent.... lesssssssssss...
I don't know if you're artistically sensitive enough to realize it, but there are new stars in the sky that began to shine only because I wrote that magnificent poem. Two formerly extinct species of algae are now hard at work repopulating their biomes, inspired by my poeticity. I figure the government owes me about $40.00 for my contribution to alleviate the emptiness of your culture, your landscape, and your night sky.

But you hate criminals won't pay up, I know. Basil and I write culturally resonant music with deep, profound lyrics, using expensive equipment, honed skills, and our valuable time. We don't get any of your money for all the hard work we've put into it. We even have to pay for our own beer and whiskey, you fascists. Why don't you just put us in the camps already?