Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Board of Control might ordinarily be apprehensive of any organizational initiative to investigate "where our tax dollars are being spent." But in the case that the CAW is doing the investigating, "areas [that] need attention in this regard" are only those in which more tax dollars can be spent in their own direction.

Lest anyone ever confuse the CAW with an advocate for fiscal discipline by government, Board of Control can be expected to dispatch Item 34 (PDF) at the end of next week's meeting (PDF) with the speed and summary gestures that befit a semi-literate submission.

Good day,

My name is Colleen Wake and I am a London resident and a CAW member. One of our campaigns and goal's is to find who has developed policies to
buy Canadian products and how they work. Is there a policy in my community and if so could you give me information on the policy?
We are now going to all municipalities and investigating where our tax dollars are being spent and what areas need attention in this regard.

Thank you in advance for your speedy response

Colleen Wake
Board of Control might at least be expected to appease one token gesture between dependents with another of its own by directing staff to make a report. It may not result in more subsidized employment for the CAW, but it will keep the make-work projects going for Ms. Wake's CUPE brethren at least.

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Honey Pot said...

Perhaps cupe put them up to it. It would be their way of finding out if London buys any products from Israel. For instance, if the city purchased their shovels from Israel, cupe could refuse to work, as it goes against their anti-semitic stance. They are always looking for ways to get their message out to the Jews, that they would rather they didn't exist.

Good news from the carpenters union, they came out in strong support of Israel's right to exist, and defend herself.