Monday, September 15, 2008

Balance as bias

I've been trying to follow the election here in my home and native land. Maybe I'm just getting old and cynical, ok, so I am old and cynical. Where is the balance that our national broadcaster is supposed to be providing? It used to be the Liberals who got all the wet kiss coverage. Now it seems that the Green Party is their new love.

The media, and by this I mean all of it, have forgotten that their role in society is to report on the events in a fair and balanced manner. Their job is not to make the news, but to report the news. It is not their job to convince me to choose one way or another. It is not their job to tell me what I think, mostly because they neither know what I think, nor do they seem to really care. I'm growing more annoyed (or is it amused) by their habit of interviewing themselves so they can reinforce their smarter than us attitude. What we are fed, on a regular basis, is more like warm distilled water than a good cold beer.

Are we really so stupid as to need journalists who opine on what is right and good for us?