Monday, June 2, 2008

Warman of the RCM(HR)P

Thank you Iowahawk. Canada is not worthy...

From the Maritimes to the Yukon, the Great White North was once a lawless land where cruel and offensive opinions roamed free - until one man stood up and brought them to justice. One mighty masked man, clad in the scarlet breechcoat of the Royal Canadian Mounted Human Rights Police, astride a golden disabled lesbian steed, with his faithful transgender Indian scout at his side. Together they rode from Yellowknife to St. John's, keeping Canadians safe from the spectre of multicultural insensitivity...

Warman and Steacy (saluting and reciting)
Neither snow nor sleet nor judicial procedure will keep me from the swift conviction of those who would test Canadian tolerance.

Gaiaspeed, Warman. But I must warn you... we believe Levant may have joined forces with Snidely Steyn.


Gadzooks! The blackhearted scourge of international hate punditry?

None other.

Then let us hie to our steeds! Mount up, Reconstructed Eagle!


Honey Pot said...

It is a shame that there are perhaps 14 people in London that even know about the hrc star chamber proceedings.

They won't get the humor because of the left-lib msm's refusal to cover the most important happening of the century.

It is comical that the left-lib msm are scratching their heads trying to figure out why they are dying. They don't understand how the internet, that keeps pounding nails into their coffin lid, is now seen as the place to go to share thoughts, to seek truth.

It is all good this mass communication between everyday Canadians.

Honey Pot said...

This video is guaranteed to make you piss your pants laughing.

Marginalized Action Dinosaur said...

Well I know but,... I'm not in London.