Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wind Tunnels Are Sexist

If you think about it, building skyscrapers is worthless if you can't first build unity. And how can you build unity when the first thing you reach for is called a "differential" equation?

Debra Rolison, a senior research chemist at the Pentagon’s Naval Research Laboratory and a leader of the equity campaign, describes the typical university chemistry department as “brutal to people who want to do something besides chemistry around-the-clock.” MIT biologist and equity-activist Nancy Hopkins says that contemporary science “is a system where winning is everything, and women find it repulsive.”
Although I am a man, I discovered early on that I had no natural ability or interest in continuous math, that engineering would therefore be way too difficult for me, and that I should therefore stick to something more in line with my brain's comfort zone. Sadly, you can't make a building with a formal language. Yet, I would have loved to design a pretty suspension bridge for you to drive your children over.

No, these activists will not succeed in interesting a "proportionate" number of women in boring abstract math and science and engineering -- but Political Science Activists will help make it easier for future math-dumb males like myself to live our dreams and shape your world.
Kathie Olsen, deputy director of the National Science Foundation, draws the revolutionary conclusion, “Our goal is to transform, institution by institution, the entire culture of science and engineering in America, and to be inclusive of all — for the good of all.”

At one recent hearing, Representative Vernon Ehlers, a Michigan Republican who calls himself a “recovering sexist” jokingly suggested we declare science a sport and regulate it the way we do college athletics.
Would you believe they put a man on the moon?