Thursday, April 24, 2008

Ungrateful wretches

"It drives me wild when people suggest surplus money isn't going back to taxpayers … It's quite offensive," said Cont. Gord Hume to the London Free Press after recommending to Council that only $815,000 or less than 10 per cent of last year's $9 million surplus revenue be allocated to offset this year's property tax rate increase. Taxpayers are encouraged to send their apologies directly to Mr. Hume here for mistaking over $5.6 million in new spending initiatives for … well, new spending. Council would be better advised to direct that $815,000 in new spending to advertise the fact that every penny of taxes is already returned to taxpayers in the form of spending on what politicians know is good for them. Otherwise, Londoners will just spend that money themselves, and we all know that nothing good for the City will come of that!

More specifically, Hume's rationale for committing $1.85 million of the surplus revenue to debt repayment as a return to taxpayers is double-plus good, since Hume himself personally voted for every debt-financing budget over the past decade that has led to the City's $350 million debt. Financing that debt to the tune of $60 million or more in 2008 is so obviously a return to taxpayers that it should hardly need to be mentioned.

Update: Even fellow Controllers are being offensive to poor Mr. Hume.