Wednesday, April 9, 2008


On the subject of wasting time by faking moral gestures without consequence, the top front page story in today's London Free Press recounted how two London councillors were "offended" during a Planning Committee debate when Coun. Paul Van Meerbergen criticized artificial housing intensification as promoted by political demands as "Japanification."

"I thought it was racist to say that," said Coun. Judy Bryant, while her colleague Cont. Gina Barber claimed to have actually gasped at the word. "I was shocked anyone would use an expression like that — it bordered on racism."

Unfortunately the question of whether Bryant, Barber or the London Free Press is the biggest ninny won't be decided by this poll:


Honey Pot said...

The question should have been, do you think Japnification should now be considered a racial slur because the socialist cabal at city hall says it is?

This is a sign that someone has too much time on their hands at city hall, if they have to lay in bed for a night to come up with a half-baked plan to try and skewer the superior intelligence of their council mate.

It must be a personality defect amongst female socialist, that waiting a day or two to think up some outrageous nutbar scheme to go after a white male.

Honey Pot said...

Someone call the word police, Elizabeth May godess of the green movement, used a racial slur, inferring that bananna republics are corrupt cliques.

OTTAWA–Green Leader Elizabeth May says Canada is not a "banana republic" where the state police can be allowed to influence the outcome of a federal election=the red star

Everyone knows that Banana republic is a pejorative term for a small, often Latin American, Caribbean or African country that is politically unstable, dependent on limited agriculture, often ruled by a small, self-elected, wealthy and corrupt clique.

I was thinking the description would be consider glowtard paradise by the green movement, but I am sure Lizzie-May was dissing bananna republics in this instance.

How will the glowtards punish her? Bury her up to her neck in compost until she is suitably remorseful for her verbal attack on bananna republics?

Jake said...

Since Gina Barber is an NDPer, does she oppose the use of the term "Americanization" by some of the members of her party? The NDP is notorious for using that term on a regular basis.

If "Japanification" is racist slur, then she must also condemn the use of any nationalist phrases that may offend. You can't have it both ways.