Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Meat Is Murder

We like to think that genocide only takes place in far-off lands. We all want to believe that it isn't something that can touch us in London, Ontario. Wrapped in our snug blanket, with our eyes tightly shut, it doesn't seem like it can happen here.

Today, my eyes were opened. My soft blanket, roughly torn away. Just this very morning, I heard about a terrible case of genocide that happened right here in our city. Let my cry resound through the centuries, and let it never be forgotten.

You see, my friend's guitar amp didn't show up at the music store on time. Oh, they'd told him it would be there, alright, but when he went to pick it up, it wasn't. They completely, genocidally wasted his time.

I didn't set out to shock you with this post, or inspire nightmares or graphic novels, but we all need to learn to be brave enough to face these issues head-on. Brave, like Gina Barber and Judy Bryant. Q.v.:

Challenging politicians who called for a mix of low- and medium-density housing, Van Meerbergen said not all city homes needed to be "chicken coops" and warned of the "Japanification" of London housing.

Fellow council members Judy Bryant and Gina Barber didn't object to his remark Monday, but asked about it yesterday. Both said they were surprised and offended.

"I thought it was racist to say that," said Bryant, who chairs the committee. "I regret I didn't object at the meeting -- it took me completely unaware."
...I'll say it did. Brilliant, Judy -- let's make the word "racism" even more meaningless through knee-jerk conceptual dilution!

How does it serve the noble cause of stigmatizing racism to cheapen our word for it by throwing it around in such an ostentatiously ridiculous way? A real fire-breathing racist couldn't ask for a better pair of councillors to run interference for his cause. It is because of such wolf-crying that no thoughtful person takes the word at face value any more... which is sad. Accusations of racism should make a room dead serious, not fill it with derisive laughter.

I await the outrage of these councillors the next time we hear a bigoted reference to "American-style" health insurance schemes, or worse, some prejudiced slur about conditions in "Third-World style sweat shops".

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Honey Pot said...

I laughed when I heard the socialist cabal pretending they were offended by that.

Really think about it, is there anything that doesn't offend them, that comes out of a white males mouth?

They must at times get tired of playing the word police, and trying to event rules on words we can and cannot say. I think the old dames are working towards complete silence.

They are so afraid of him, because he has the ear of the public, and the public likes his no nonsense ways.

I know Vandeman can't say it, so I will. Why don't you kiss his ass you silly old useless caucasian cows.