Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Macrocosm and microcosm

And the mismanagement continues. The City of London has reported a $9 million dollar surplus of taxpayer loot this year and into the hands of consultants and advocacy groups it goes. Taxspenders and treehuggers rejoice. If you are an aspiring community advocate, London Ontario is the place to be. Only $850,000 of that money is expected to go toward reducing the tax burden, and Londoners can expect a continued corresponding neglect of essential services to go along with that kick in the face. Driving the streets of London is akin to riding over an endless series of railroad tracks, the aging infrastructure makes the likelihood of costly sinkholes more probable each day, and you can look forward to yet another tax increase next year along with more stringent demands on how you sort your garbage. Funding won from other levels of government is quickly gobbled up as deserved revenue, as are any "surpluses". Welcome to London.

Some examples of your surplus dollars at work:


$2.5 million: New radio equipment and controllers for police and firefighters.

- $2 million: A reserve fund for downtown revitalization.

- $1.84 million: Reduce debt for public works.

- $410,000: Tree planting.

- $325,000: Computer system to better track and manage woodlands.

- $200,000: So London Economic Development Corp. can woo Toronto businesses to London's downtown.

- $173,000: Help renovate office of the local health unit.

- $50,000: Urban design consultant.

- $50,000: Hiring professionals to deal with appeals to environmental reviews and other planning matters.

- $25,000: Engage citizens about whether council should remake its size and makeup.


basil said...

I don't notice the potholes anymore - not since I bought that Escalade with the money I saved in property taxes after moving from London to St. Thomas. But I sure am glad all the local folks still pay the JLC's bills for my entertainment.

Jake said...

This city needs to spend in the neighborhood of $20 million just to maintain the roads now. Before the $5.6 million in slush money from Pinhead Dalton and the additional $2 million from supposed "savings" from other departments, the city earmarked only $8.5 million in road repairs. So at best were three-quarters at where we should be spending on maintenance.

If were not going to use this $9 million in overtaxation on tax relief or debt reduction--at least we should be reinvesting it in core priorities like roads.

Why the hell do we need a computer to manage woodlots? Hiring useless staff to interrogate developers and property owners? Spending $200,000 in a futile attempt to lure businesses from Toronto?

London's new slogan--Tax N'Spend to no End!

Honey Pot said...

This has to be the quote of the year.
It drives me wild when people suggest surplus money isn't going back to taxpayers . . . It's quite offensive," Controller Gord Hume said-lfp

That is not offensive Gordo, this is offensive you overfed trough licking pig.

It isn't your money Gordo, and you personally are doing a rotten job of spending ours.

Being a gatekeeper of the public purse, doesn't give you the right to waste our money , or keep it, for some foolish idea one of the non-brights come up with on council.

You guys can't do the job Gordo. Everyday we read in the paper on how you need to hire consultants to do your jobs for you, because you are too damn lazy or just plain dumb.

Doug said...

The best thing London can do for downtown is convince a grocery store to set up shop. There are something like 10,000 people living downtown now few practical shops and services to serve them. As a result, they keep shopping in the outskirts.

Give the grocery store a tax incentive, then watch business boom. I would do more of my shopping downtown (and I live here) if I could just buy a damned roll of paper towels at a decent price.