Monday, April 28, 2008

How To Host A Hate Crime®

In How To Host A Hate Crime®, Canada's best-selling mystery dinner party game, you and your guests assume the roles of humorous suspects – each with a motive and opportunity to contravene Section 13.1 of the Canadian Human Rights code – in a light-hearted human rights mystery.

How To Host A Hate Crime® provides everything you need to bring an Internet mystery to life – from detailed player guides, maps, IP logs, tribunal transcripts, double-standard decoder rings, and secret clues, to costume suggestions, phony evidence, and recipes tailored to the hate crime featured in each episode. Contents include a comprehensive Host Guide; eight invitations and envelopes; name tags; a DVD, which sets the scene and details the violation; and a site map of the online hate crime scene.

On the night of the party, everyone arrives to learn a fictitious blog is under investigation for an outrageous user comment, left by someone unknown that all the characters knew somehow. It's also revealed that, thanks to the brilliant deductions of a Victimization Studies graduate student, the eight people at the party are the only suspects. Now it's up to the group to determine whodunit:

  • Unwitting wireless provider Jane Doe?
  • Feared Human Rights double agent Mitchell Loreman?
  • His bumbling supervisor Jean-Claude Vyshinsky?
  • Acid-tongued extremist webmistress Kitty Schindler?
  • Pithy, messianic cult blogger K.K. Malone?
  • Oldies music fan and Leninist political strategist Darren Patella?
  • Admitted serial Human Rights violator "White Bart" Lepire?
  • Chronically nervous Human Rights prosecution mouthpiece Luciano Ventino?
The player guides give the Front Story and the Real Story about each character. Each character has some kind of skeleton they'd rather keep hidden in the closet. They've at least been inflating their site's traffic and Google Ads hits, or failing to blow the whistle about CSIS agents founding racist organizations -- or maybe they have a history of spreading hate on online fora while collecting a federal paycheque, or substituting doctored printouts as evidence to indifferent tribunal chairs. Everyone's Personal Guidebook will be different, with clues and a storyline for each specific character.

Turning to the first of the four parts, or chapters, of the game, each person will find they have approximately three clues to disclose. (This is not an actual script, though; you simply read the clues to yourself, then put them into your own words, and reveal them as though you were talking about the weather.) Through these clues, the storylines unfold. After the four chapters, the guests are encouraged to guess whodunit. Then everyone turns to the Civil Suit Outcomes which tell all.

How To Host A Hate Crime® is an easy, entertaining, & affordable way to host a dinner party. It provides hours of non-stop entertainment and conversation with all guest participating. Order yours now!


Honey Pot said...

You forgot to incluce Glaucoma Vagina, who feigns faintness when his serenity his threatened, or he is caught in a lie.

Honey Pot said...

this is good

MapMaster said...

"No longer available"

Somebody must'a threatened a lawsuit!

MapMaster said...

Now hosted at No-Libs (just scroll down to find "The Last Days of the CHRC" under the "Videos" column).