Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Gospel of Al

London-North-Centre MP Glen Pearson is one of two MPs scheduled to attend an Al Gore led Climate Project Canada training session this weekend along with 200 or so other Canadian "climate change fighters." Pearson is concerned that interest in the environment "appears to be taking a back seat to the economy."
(Sun Media) Pearson and fellow Liberal Mauril Belanger (Ottawa-Vanier) are the two MPs attending, said Victoria Serda, a Port Elgin environmentalist and one of the key organizers for the Climate Project Canada's training session.

The Climate Project is a non-profit volunteer group that began in the United States, focused on Gore's Academy Award-winning movie, An Inconvenient Truth, and his followup presentations.

Gore will lead the Montreal participants through the science and format of his presentation, so they can repeat it in their communities, Serda said.

Each participant makes a commitment to give the presentation at least 10 times.
No need to research the "science", just memorize the gospel and pass it on to the next potential activist. Are there enough taxpayers remaining to pay for the upkeep of the taxspenders?

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Honey Pot said...

So basically Gore is going to give them the bullshit bible according to Gore, and have his disciples go spread the world amongst the unbelievers.

It has been done before.

I am really having a hard time realizing there are people out there that really are that gullible.

I was thinking I should attend one of the masses, fall and start rolling around on the ground speaking in tongues.

Maybe they would give me the job of doing the baptism's at Fanshawe Lake.

I'll get them to strip down to their skivves, so I can dose them. One of you can take their wallets and purses. I will just tell them the poor bastard who took their money is an unbeliever, and to turn the other cheek.

If they are stupid enough to believe in the great goracle, they would fall for anything.

Honey Pot said...

That was an excellent article by Lorrie Goldstein in the paper today.

He was asking for a real discussion on kyoto, and the impact it would have on every Canadian household.

There really hasn't been much discussion of the economic impact it would have on Canada.

For the people who actually believe the government can turn the sun off and on, they should be told the real sacrafices they will have to make for government controlled weather.

Like the box people, the glowtards have no idea the hardships that will ensue when they they have no job.

The high ranking welfare recipients lounging in our Universities, preaching the global warming bible, don't believe a depression will effect them. They will go to the grocery store to buy their granola, and the shelves will be bare.

natasha said...

Ah, the Reverend Almer Goretry will lead his disciples on the path of global righteousness!

Can I get an amen, anyone?

natasha said...

BTW, how this guy spent Earth Hour was hilarious:

Honey Pot said...

hahahahahahaahah, that was excellent.

I was reading the letters to the editors, from lots of papers, and the number of people squealing on their neighbours for light pollution, during glowtard shut out the light night, was astounding.

Not a doubt in my mind the glowtards will try to enforce fines for noncompliance to this gaia holy day.

I suggest all global warming deniers take a look at it.

Glowtards, you just couldn't handle it.

natasha said...

Sorry, the following is off topic - although it is an example of a dumbass moment.

"Cop accidentally shoots himself"

I found the story amusing, and I figured it was OK to laugh, since he wasn't seriously hurt.

How much you want to bet one of his buddies will give him a squirt gun and tell him to practise first with that.

Sonny Drysdale said...

If it already hasn't happened yet, his co-workers (to say nothing of all those jokers down to Floyd's Barber Shop,) will be calling him 'Deputy Barney'

- and asking if Andy has told him to keep his one bullet in his shirt pocket - and only load it in actual police emergencies.

Honey Pot said...

Local nonsensical happenings that would have the great goracle weeping with joy.

City to hear Storybook proposals-lfp

Rooftop beehives, straw bale offices, community gardens and a pet sanctuary adoption centre should replace the "outdated" state of affairs inside Storybook Gardens, says a London environmental group.-lfp

A zero-waste Eco Village, holding lectures on climate change and offering discounts to visitors who arrived by bike, foot or hybrid shuttle bus is the vision London's Council of Canadians has for the money-losing theme park.-lfp


I can see this bringing in the big bucks.

That's right folks, a government subsidized glowtard village, right here in London. Why not go the extra mile and make it a training camp for eco-terrorist?

Change the name from Storybook gardens, to 'Camp Gore and cow manure'