Tuesday, April 8, 2008

ETC tells Londoners to take a hike

A proposed bylaw that would have permitted parking on driveways between streets and sidewalks during summer months was put on hold last night by London's Environment and Transportation Committee (ETC) due to concerns that it "would hurt efforts to get more people to walk" and "would raise concerns in student neighbourhoods."

After shelving a previous proposal to lift a ban on overnight street parking due to concerns that it would result in a loss of fine revenue, London's politicians are at least becoming a bit more creative with their excuses.

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Unknown said...

That no overnight parking parking is total b.s.! I can't believe they shelved that motion! Is this for a contingency that we may get a huge snowstorm in mid-july?!?!

This city also has a nice little racket going with two hour parking limits outside the immediate core.
Ridiculous to the nth degree!