Thursday, April 10, 2008

Denormalize, Demoralize, Discredit...

...crush, crumble, and chomp. The campaign by brave Canadians to delegitimize our country's and our provinces' lawless "Human Rights" Commissions and Tribunals proceeds apace.

Canada's most famous Human Rights profiteer, Richard Warman, has now filed suit against Ezra Levant, Kathy Shaidle, Kate Macmillan, and the owners of Freedominion.

This suit -- albeit one filed in a real court as opposed to a third-world-worthy Tribunal -- can only have the outcome of generating more bad publicity and freedom-loving, righteous contempt for these Commissions, domestically and abroad. Especially when people notice that Mark Steyn and Rogers Communications are not named in the suit, despite the enormously entertaining abuse heaped upon Warman by the Steyn in the Rogers-owned Macleans magazine. The fact that Rogers is also an ISP, perhaps with potentially damning, suit-nullifying records of racist comments by Human Rights goons is, conceivably, unrelated.

Read the details at the links un the second paragraph; each comes with a Paypal connection to help these writers defend against Richard Warman's suit.

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natasha said...

Warman in Dr. Seuss land - excellent!