Thursday, January 17, 2008

What do you give a sister who has everything?
Gord Hume, of course!

Controller Gord Hume has requested $1200 from City Hall to spend a few days next summer in London's sister city in China, Nanjing. The benefits to local taxpayers of paying for the trip must be left to the imagination… rather much more, one would have to say, than required to imagine the benefits to Mr. Hume. In the meantime, London might consider why it has a sister so far away. If it's a matter of picking municipal siblings, couldn't we pick one a little closer? Arva, perhaps?


Jake said...

The only way I could see some justification for this is if Gord Hume is using it for tangible economic development/promotion. However, I highly doubt that is the case.

Seems like he really wants to use this "visit" as an excuse for taxpayers to subsidize his vacation hidden behind the shroud of "goodwill".

Anonymous said...

Council honestly believe they deserve these perks. The trip would accomplish what?

Anonymous said...

When Controller Hume was co-owner of The Londoner, he made it very clear that he had erected a formidable "Chinese Wall" between his duties at city hall and the editorial and advertising departments at his weekly pifflesheet.

Whether this Chinese Wall was penetrated or not during his tenure at The Londoner remains the subject of some debate.

By reconnecting, however, with the mandarins in Nanjiing (first brought to London duing Mayor Haskett's watch), Controller Hume stands a credible chance of sparking some economic activity between London, Ontario, Canada and Nanjiing, China.

Let's not forget that China is rapidly emerging as an economic superpower and looking for friendly places to park its dough, as well its ballparks made by slave labour.

Anonymous said...

Make that baseball caps, not ballparks.

Unknown said...

Does Nanjing have a performing arts centre?