Monday, January 14, 2008

Reversal Of Authority

Reversal is actually not what happens in this clip. No tables were turned in reality. Ezra Levant entered his Human Rights investigation with all the real authority, and refused to concede any of it to this human rights apparatchik. As a result, the inmates no longer run this asylum.

Watch her try to get a little smidgen of approval from the real authority here by alluding to alleged past concessions she`s made to civilized notions of individual rights in her role as Thoughtcrime Investigator.

"Please Mr. Levant... my employer, my career, and I are not really as despicable as your righteous words prove even to me... please like me a little... I can help you... I`m one of the good ones... can`t we just end this here, I`ll dismiss the case in my report..."

From comments at LGF:

There is something amazing about the continuity of those videos, something that makes me feel happy sunshine bursting out of my gut...

If you watch from the start, and note the tone and body language of Shirley McGovern, there is an amazing evolution: At first she is condescending and feels like she owns him, though of course she is banally soft-spoken about it. Then Ezra hammers her and demolishes the moral authority she thinks she has, he makes too much sense. She is upset, crosses her arms and leans back. Doesn't want to hear it.

But is so persistent and so insolent, his eloquence is so radiant as he speaks truth to power, that she realizes she lost all power the moment he started questioning her authority. She realizes she has got none, and is apathetic on the surface but screaming inside in anger. But then by the end of it, she internally concedes.... She gives in. Check out how docile and sheepish she is in the last video. It's her way of saving face, by agreeing with him. So she can pretend it was not he who TNT'd her self-generated smug cloud and now she has nothing to stand on, but that it is HER decision, her understanding, to side with him. She wants to avoid confrontation, because Ezra says it clearly: I will rot in hell before I obey you. So she doesn't want that confrontation...

Oh my God, can it be this easy? The thug state can win only be default. Its might and prestige evaporates as soon as a ferocious bright citizen talks back.

/Shudders with inspiration


Marginalized Action Dinosaur said...

I've tried to keep all the links relating to this here, at least one per blog, including the London Fog

It's even been blogged about in Denmark and Romania

Course the Winnipeg "Free" Press refuses to cover free speech. It's like neitche they are beyond that.

Anonymous said...

what is a privy council office?