Sunday, January 6, 2008

Post-Future Denialist band Rage Against the Environment sounds off

"City of Trees", Boise, Idaho, based Post-Future Denialist band, Rage Against the Environment, has started off the new year on a typically miserable note with their apocalyptic environmental war song "I Won't Go to War and Fight For Al Gore".


Lead singer, EDtmie SEMInn, writes in the liner notes:
"We have seen the war on drugs and we have seen the war on terrorism. I predict 2008 will be the year of the War on Denialists. They will be drafting us into their war against us. The schools are already teaching children to hate Denialists like ourselves. We are being forced to submit to their programs and face fines if we don't comply. We'll be forced to sort their trash. "


command economy said...

Whoa, RAtE are still around? I got their 7" on Dump Records back in '98 or '99.

Is the original bass player still breaking rocks in Leavenworth on those trumped-up climate crime charges?

The stereotypes are true. A lot of southern sherriffs are unbelievably bigoted against denialists. Just be careful if you're stopped, and don't say anything more than "Yes sir", "No sir", and "Climate change is the greatest threat to the universe since the Magna Carta, sir."

basil said...

Unfortunately original bassist Sludge Puppy is rumoured to have met with a mysterious accident while assigned to the bottle crushing machine on the Leavenworth recycle detail.