Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Mount out of a molehill

Local heritage activist Anne McKillop "used to say [that Locust Mount] was the only building in London I'd stand in front of a bulldozer for."

Is it too late to test her proposition? Or is her rectitude safe for posterity now that the famously decrepit building that no one in London had ever heard of before activists and politicians delayed its demolition to preserve their own regulatory investment is finally so decrepit that it can only be demolished? Whatever… such grandstanding gestures over such trifles are only redeemable to a small audience of like-minded trifling grandstanders, like Coun. Nancy Branscombe. For the rest of us, life with or without Locust Mount will continue without any bother over it. And for the property owner, it can perhaps finally build something useful on the site after over four years of arbitrary hurdles.

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