Sunday, January 6, 2008

Lost in Translation

Would you say this is upside down -- or is it more backwards?

Our Charter of Rights, gives us the right to practice freely a monotheistic religion, and hence no religion should have to accept degrading remarks towards its religion and people
Either way, a remark that "no religion should have to accept degrading remarks towards its religion" degrades my language, the traditions and values my people have killed and died for, and my godless religion.

It is a fundamental belief, moreover, a factual observation, among my tribe, that religions make people dangerous to themselves and those around them. Therefore, my people believe in humour, mockery, and disrespect of religion in general and particular. This helps to ensure that those susceptible to cosmic points of view are embarrassed into just being normal, good people, instead of gangsters with a galactic blank-cheque excuse to do (as opposed to say) whatever their imaginary friend or, in reality, his very human proxies command.

But for now I'm hurt and angry and I don't accept it and I might riot about it if somebody doesn't shut down the CBC or at least give me control of The National for a night or two.

Courtesy the informed CBC audience, HT SDA.


Marginalized Action Dinosaur said...

Why in the world are human rights advocates going after columnist Mark Steyn? And whatever happened to free speech, asks Rex.

where the hell has Murphy been the last few years?

in Canada they have gone after people for quoting the Bible "Hugh Owens" for quoting homosexuals "Bill Whatcott" and now "Steyn" for,.....quoting an Imam,

We don't need free speech we need free quoting.

Still Stalin must be happy.

Anonymous said...

Right on, brother!