Monday, January 28, 2008

Ignore it long enough, it'll go away

As former councillor Fred Tranquilli said once, "there's no sense having good roads if you have nowhere to go." But is there any sense have somewhere to go if you don't have good roads?

Two more downtown water main breaks early Sunday morning are not the result of provincial and federal government neglect in funding municipalities for which municipal politicians would have us absolve them. Funding deficiencies of $220 million for water services, $250 milliion for sewers, $275 million for roads, and $30 million for buildings and other facilities are the result of long-term neglect of infrastructure by municipal politicians who would rather fund massive capital projects and subsidize the non-essential interests of vocal constituencies. If London could have afforded a $45 million arena during the same period in which infrastructure deficits accumulated, it is awkward to argue that it could not afford to maintain basic essential services.

Out of sight, out of mind. Budgets at City Hall have soared over 40 per cent since 2000, which City Council has largely squandered on creating a benevolent profile. The profile is rapidly becoming unaffordable, but Council now finds itself politically beholden to subsidizing a significant part of London's economic and community activity, from which it doesn't have the stomach to extricate itself.

Extricate itself it must, however, by drastically slashing discretionary spending in the near future. Demands for welfare handouts from senior levels of government are meeting with decidedly lukewarm responses so far — and as those governments face political pressures of their own, any handouts will continue to be variable and undependable. Even where another level of government steps in to alleviate municipal budget constraints, however, Council still wastes the opportunity, as it did when Board of Control approved $2 million in new non-essential spending out of $3.9 million it saved when the Ontario government recently uploaded drug benefit and disability program costs.

Re-assigning the blame for deteriorating infrastructure prevents the City from acting on the problem when it matters, and creates a dicey, unpredictable political imbroglio that will never be solved satisfactorily, if at all. London is hardly alone among Canadian municipalities in this game. But as the city's executive, it must start acting now for the city.


Anonymous said...

Lizzie-May is coming to town soon. Perhaps her and the green glowtards can do a big prayer rally and pray the holes away.

Butch McLarty said...

That's odd, HP, last federal by-election in London North-Centre, you were singing her praises.

Guess your political alliances are like a weather vane in a windstorm. Totally meaningless.

Anonymous said...

I never said I was voting green. I made it very clear I was voting for conversative.

I did pump Lizzie-May up, as did others, but for a reason.

I had no idea at the time she was nuttier than a fruitcake, and I quite enjoyed the way she was slapping weasel walker around.

I hope her party can keep her muzzled until the next federal election. We don't want her seeing the virgin Mary on the ceiling of parliament hill, or Moses telling her that we have to save the earth.

Though her followers are on the whacked right to fuck out of it side of things, it could even cause some of them to question her sanity.

I do want her to keep the votes she is taking from the ndp, and liberals. Nothing like splitting up the left three ways to make sure they never form a government.

Butch McLarty said...

Actually, in London North-Centre, May and the Greens screwed the Conservatives out of a victory.

Regarding May's comments about the asinine war in Afghanistan and Irag that everyone with two brain cells to rub together knows now as "Bush's folly," she's bang on.

Not everyone believes the spin they read in the media. Except you of course.

Fooling you is like taking candy away from a baby.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the ndp just handed that over to the librals didn't they? That was the beginning of the end for the ndp, and it hasn't stopped its downward spiral since.

Lizzie-May has about as much chance of winning a seat in NS, as you do of starting up a newspaper to compete against the London free press.

MapMaster said...

I don't understand it. You two are all hugs and kisses over at Sonny Drysdale's blog, but then you take all your marital problems over here.

Anonymous said...

Bite your tongue. I don't like the beast. Not at Sonny's, and not here. He is just obsessed with me, that is why he follows me around the blogs.

He has this notion in his head that he can somehow shut me up by being a vulgar pig towards me. An old trick of some males, longing for the days when they could control a woman, by using those tactics.

Anonymous said...

He has this notion in his head that he can somehow shut me up by being a vulgar pig towards me. An old trick of some males, longing for the days when they could control a woman, by using those tactics.
Maybe he's like the schoolkid who secretly likes you, dipping your ponytail in an inkwell?

Anonymous said...

No,his intentions are to shut me up. He has a wicked rage for me. He uses sexual vulgar language towards me, because he thinks I will go crying in a corner. It will break me some how. It is just a verbal weapon some males try and use, to control. There was a time I could have been controlled by that, but that time has passed.

Bring on the she's an old whore, cause it don't matter no more.

Now it makes me laugh, you silly old ass.

Butch McLarty said...

Completely false HP, as usual.

What is so annoying about you is your completely dishonest tactics of false accusations, bogus conclusions, non-stop stereotyping and general trolling.

One constant truth that holds up pretty well is that people who are forever labeling groups of people like soup cans is that they are either severely socially inept or thick in the head. They can't handle the nuances and complexities in life. Everything must be black and white. Does that describe you, HP?

But it's interesting to watch you trying to frame the situation as something that it's not and never will be.

A shrink would have a heyday with you. But it would only take about two sessions to figure it out.

Anonymous said...

The marriage counselor would say the marriage can't be saved only if you stop talking.

If you're still bickering, the love light is still flickering!

Anonymous said...

If anyone was interested in going through the blog articles, at Sonny's, more than likely Butch removed them from alt. They could see for themselves.

Your whole blog is a shrine to your feelings toward females. I will admit I am no shrink, but on the Contingency line, you are about a 2cm from going over the edge.

Not that anyone cares, I don't really either. Not the first female,Butch has did this to, nor will I be the last. Butch you have a steady pattern.

If one was interested they could go back a few weeks to the Holly episode, in which Butch took a hissy fit and turned his sexual rage on Mike.

Not everything is black and white, but I do tend to wade through the bullshit to come up with my own conclusions. I like facts,figures, and logic. They just seem to work for me whilst I observe the world around me.

Label people? of course I do, and so do you. Your statments are hypocritical. If someone is a fuckwit, that is what I call them. If someone is an asshole, ditto.

I have an opinion, I don't really care if you agree with it or not. Unlike you, I have no need to kiss ass to be accepted in the flavour of the week social group you so yearn to belong to. I call a spade a spade.

MapMaster said...

Maybe Butch needs to get in touch with his feminine side if he's going to have any progressive credentials. Otherwise, he'd just be another old-style NDP goon.

Speaking for myself as a good conservative, I don't need to get in touch with my feminine side… I just have to do what she tells me to.

Butch McLarty said...

Labels, what a drag. I've never joined a political party in my life. Probably never will. See above comments about those who feel compelled to label people with inappropriate tags.

More complete nonsense from London Fog's resident pathological liar --HP

You might want to talk to MapMaster and Mike about the baloney you just posted above.

The baseless and false accusations regarding the above were deleted for a well-founded reason by the site's administrators.

Regarding your self-congratulatory kudos about calling a spade a spade, it's more evidence of your delusional mind.

The vast majority of your nonsensical posts are low-grade propaganda that any public school graduate would readily dismiss as empty-headed claptrap of no value.

If you ever decided to approach the issues of the day with an honest and open, yet critical, mind, you could contribute something to the debate.

You don't seem particularly dense, just twisted and stubbornly spewing your silliness for some unapparent reason know only to you and your stilted conscience.

Anonymous said...

That is what I like about tory men, they just seem to know who is wearing the pants, they don't need a parade to proclaim it.

If they could just all go to a better barber, they'd be downright perfect.

Anonymous said...

Give it up Butch. I know you lie like a rug.

They weren't all deleted Holly.

Butch McLarty said...

HP, what part of English don't you understand?

What you say or think isn't important. Never has been, probably never will be unless you shape up before you turn 60.

If you don't believe me, go down to city hall again and make one of your "well-received" presentations about how the world is conspiring against you.

What did they tell you last time?

That the Highbury Hilton maybe the place to test-drive your mind-bending rhetoric.

Lisa Turner said...

Butch says:

"If you ever decided to approach the issues of the day with an honest and open, yet critical, mind, you could contribute something to the debate."

That also applies to you Butch, as you seem more interested in bickering with honey pot than you do actually putting forth an argument on the topic of the post. If you two want to insult each other, fine, but don't use our comment section to do so. Stop it already. You've been warned.

command economy said...

Lisa, why engage, when the delete button is close at hand?

What are you expecting?

Lisa Turner said...


I'm not engaging anyone and I'm expecting the delete key will be pushed soon as some people never seem to learn to respect other people's property.

command economy said...

Jessica put it well: "You're trying to have an intelligent discussion with a stupid man."

Anonymous said...

Ignore it long enough, and it will go away, doesn't seem to work.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, I don't think honey pot was exactly losing. She should not need your intervention.

It's not like there is a lively debate on the post topic that is being derailed by them. They'll head off for make up sex soon enough.

It's your call of course, but I think you should either use comment moderation, or only delete spam.

On topic: Zero based budgeting is what any city needs.

Anonymous said...

oh eng, I am quite sure that was a warning to me also.

They are right though, enough of that.

If Butch wants to spar with me, and have me hand him his head on a silver platter he should do it on his own blog.

...oh yeah, I forgot I am banned from there because I kept kicking his sorry old socialist ass.

No one can blog on Butch's blog unless they are a socialist and agree with every stupid thing he writes.

It is pretty bad when the only thing you have to fill up your blog is the second hand crime reports from the freeps, and weather warnings off of the weather network.

The socialist/glowtards can't comment on them, because of their love-a-thug party line, and the glowtards/socialist can't comment on the winter weather warnings, because it throws a big cold melon into their glowtard religon.

Anonymous said...

His blog (from following his comments here) appears to have just one post from 2006 on it. You must be referring to some other place.

Although it seems pretty right wing here, it is not just "yet another clone of the blogging tories", so it is much more interesting. There is a lack of slavish following whatever the party line is. There does appear to be actual thought and forming of opinion rather than nothing but cutting and pasting.

Getting insulted is par for the course. It does lower the level of discussion but sometimes you have to put up with it if you want to find someone's actual views. Once you learn that talking with someone does not mean you accept their view, you can actually understand why they may have their view. To me, sitting through the rhetoric until you can learn something is like putting up with a surly cashier when you need to buy something.

Getting deleted for anything other than spam or doing crap like re-commenting a hundred times is just being either lazy or childish. That doesn't lower the level of discussion, but rather stifles it. There are exceptions, I think an active thread with an involved discussion might be fiercely purged, but usually a separate "bickering" thread is started to give a place for the carping.

Anonymous said...

Eng, that was pretty insightful for a glowtard. I am going to put you on my top ten favorite glowtards list.