Thursday, January 17, 2008

Hate to have to break it to you in a post title, but you have no human rights.


The HRC scandal is not primarily to do with me, Ezra, Muslims, Christians, gays, white supremacists or anybody else. It is about the corruption of justice. The genius of the English legal system is the balance it strikes between the components of any trial - judge, jury, prosecutor, etc. The CHRC system muddies all the distinctions to the point where an ex-investigator is the serial plaintiff and a current investigator is posing as a perpetrator to create "crimes" in which there is no presumption of innocence.


Anonymous said...

The HRC is not the worst thing that is happening to justice and freedom in your country. The good old fashioned judges in your "English legal system" have not just muddied the lines but buried them under a couple of meters of interventionist goo. Did you ever read one of those weasely "for the greater good" Supreme Court decrees, like the one "permitting" the purchasing of private health care, where their Lordships acted like fools trying to pretend they were parliamentarians, listening to people debate the merits of this system versus that system, and puzzling over the length of waiting lists, quality of care, etc. ... instead of dealing with boring old legal principles of the sanctity of person and of private property? I can't wait til they apply their giant brains to the Ontario Fascist Party's plan for 24x365 drunk driving checkpoints, or the law to imprison teenagers in their crappy high schools until age 18.

As bad as it is for chaps like Levant - who after all deliberately went out and tweaked the monkey's tail for no particularly good reason - in the grand scheme of things the HRC is nothing but an amoeba bite on a gnat's ass compared to the vast, wealth-confiscating and rights-stealing powers of the so-called "traditional" players in your jolly old constitutional monarchy.

NIAC said...

That was odd.

Anonymous said...

Wow, read this, it is a transcript of Shirlene McGovern, the hrc officer's notes on Levant

thanks to Iowahawk for sussing this out for us.