Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Frank le Fou farts in a jar

Forgetting the sound which endeared him to all five or six of his fans, Frank le Fou has gone electric. To excuse this venture into aural sadism (otherwise know as rock music) Frank had this to say:

"Ever since I found out that more than six people might be listening, I decided I had to turn it up a notch and, you know, really get the message out there."
Sounding like a train wreck in slow motion, Frank's latest offering is a discordant rant about the train system which runs through London. No doubt, if he's tried to cross town at rush hour, he's had plenty of time to come up with the lyrics to this one. Here is "Waiting for a Train".


Waiting for a Train

I’m, I'm waiting for a train.
Caught in traffic, each and every day.
Richmond Street to Adelaide: First thing you learn is you always got to wait.
I'm, I’m waiting for a train.

Here in London, it’s always the same.
Trying to get to work, the traffic is lame.
Coming down Richmond street; it’s 8:15. I think I’ll make it, or just so it seemed.
But now I’m, I’m waiting for a train

Hey there boy, you think you’re going to cross town?
Hey there boy, you know you can’t go around.
Pardon me sir, that’s furthest from my mind. I saw the bars come down and I can read the signs.
I’m, I'm waiting for a train.

Here it comes; it's all puffin’ black.
It’s a long one; I see it way back.
I’ve tried Richmond Street . . . I’ll try Pall Mall. Oh shit, that's where the tracks run diagonal!
I’m, I'm waiting for a train.

Head to Talbot Street, up to the underpass.
Now traffic's moving and I can’t merge.
Everybody’s moving in; it’s like one big herd. Turn on the radio and haven’t you heard?
I, I burned all my gas.

Walk me home.


command economy said...

That's awesome!

The third and fourth verses make me laugh every time.

Anonymous said...

That may be the greatest blog post title in the history of the interweb

Anonymous said...

London folk music at its best. Tales that we can sing to our children and their children, and their children's children.