Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Every time Gord Hume cries, an angel gets his wings

According to the London Free Press, Controller Gord Hume has withdrawn his request to City Hall for $1,200 to spend a few days next summer in London's sister city in China, Nanjing with his characteristic grace:

"I'm not sure I've ever seen a suggestion blown so out of proportion," Hume told city council. "Obviously, the well has been poisoned — I'm calling the trip off."
Fortunately, Hume will still be overseas next summer to avoid anyone even presuming to question how he likes to spend tax dollars.


Anonymous said...

Gordie is such an a-hole.

Love your heading, BTW.

Anonymous said...

Well Gord has nice leggs, really he does, but not nice enough for us to give him $1,200.00 to go to Nanjing.

He has to look at the positive side. He has to think of all those carbon footprints he isn't using.

Anonymous said...

Well he won't save any carbon footprints, since he'll go visit the Terra Cotta Warriors in Xian instead. Either way, he's already going to China.

It looks from the map that Xian and Nanjing are about the same distance from Beijing. It would seem likely the costs for either side tour would be the same. Why is Xian worth actually paying to visit, while for Nanjing he's so graciously willing to take one for the team, but not willing to pony up?

Anonymous said...

Hume is going to Beijing, is there no business there? Surely between woofing down squid sandwiches, and Sauteed Golden Prawns with Salted Duck Egg Yolk, he could pull out his Chinese/English dictionary and promote London to the rickshaw lackey dragging him around. We don't have rickshaw's here, but I think a person could make a good buck at it if they wanted to start up a business.

NIAC said...

Lots of rickshaw's in Toronto ... but then, most of the hot dog (and X-mas tree) vendors have gone from London to TO in order to get away from the high cost of renting sidewalks.

London already dings cabs, I can't imagine how much it would cost to have a rickshaw. Who wants to spend $24.00/block?

Anonymous said...

Don't forget cab's are being dinged on their licences illegaly. Now Tom stated it was "alleged" as no one has taken the city to court, and the Baker Lawyer was asking for closed door to give advice. One of our PHD's in a cab should sue. Maybe Khalil Ramal would help fund the lawsuit.