Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Dare to be Eliminated

Tired of articles on the US primaries? Take out your frustrations by engaging in some virtual Presidential Paintball. Seemingly designed with kids in mind, I suspect this video game is more enjoyed by adults unwillingly caught up in the political game. Unfortunately, you must assume the role of a candidate, but if you play long enough, and change your identity after each successful mission, you'll get the chance to shoot each of the six hopefuls featured.

Ht: The Mighty Drudge Report

cross-plopped at The Broom.


Marginalized Action Dinosaur said...

Cross plopped?

Lisa is this an IBS thing from eating too many greens and veggies and not enough meat?

Lisa Turner said...


I think it had more to do with the red wine I was drinking when I posted this :)