Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Closing Arguments

Just beautiful.


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Anonymous said...

What a load of shit! "My defense team", I love it. arrogance has no bounds when dealing with the rich. You truly are remarkable Mike.

By the way, if you believe so strongly in "freedom of speech" why would you hide your identity on this site? What is it that you are saying on this site that you feel the need to hide who you are? That is a question for all of you?

command economy said...

You truly are remarkable Mike.

I plead guilty to that!

Anonymous said...

You are remarkable Mike. I was just ordering the maid around and I was saying to her, as she was putting my diamonds in the safe, "that Mike, he is remarkable."

John, I am in the witness protection program. Not my choice to hide, but the hrc have me as a witness in one of their hearings.

You might have read about it in the main stream media, but I doubt it. I told Syed Soharwardy that Ezra said Syed sucked farts out of dead chickens. The next thing you know I am picked up in a white van by people wearing ski mask, and was told I am testifying for Soharwardy.

They are treating me well except for that recording playing in the background constantly telling me Ezra is satan.

Anonymous said...

any other reasons why you hide your identities folks? you are all so quick to belittle everyone in your path yet don't have the courage to show your own face in the process. Don't terrorists hide in the shadows? What are you hiding?

Elaine, please, I don't need anymore from you. seriously please stop. you are embarrassing.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Flemming, you are under the illusion that I care what you think. I can't speak for the others, but I assume they don't either.

If you want to use your name, it is your right. If you want to call yourself Mr. Asshole, we're ok with that to. Your isp lets everyone know who you are, where you live, and even find out what colour underwear you purchase, if they are so inclined to care. Unless of course you are posting from a public library, the favorite spot of stalkers. Not difficult to find you though looking at the sign in sheet.

Why do you want to know? If you are a stalker, just forget it. My stalker calendar is full.

NIAC said...

Who is John Flemming?

Anonymous said...

You don't know John flemming, the twin brother of Homer J. Simpson who were separated at birth?

Homer went on to be famous, and John....poor John was raised by a gang of gyspy's who traded him for a can of spam to the taliban.