Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A Checkmark For Diogenes' Freeps Tour

Thank you Herman Goodden.

The stifling menace that has been unleashed on Canadian civic life over the last couple decades by those federal and provincial tribunals known as human rights commissions is finally being dragged into the full glare of public scrutiny with the highest profile cases of their kind yet to be heard.

HRC hearings are notoriously unbalanced. Ottawa Citizen columnist David Warren characterizes them as "kangaroo courts, in which the defendant's right to due process is withdrawn." Because these are only "hearings" and not full trials, hearsay evidence is permitted, the accused does not get an opportunity to cross-examine his accusers and the lack of intent to offend someone is not considered a defence.
Of course, the most obnoxious and gratuitous presence of intent to offend is a perfectly good defence, too, among free men. If you don't agree with me there, then your opinion is worthless. I say that to hurt your feelings and lower your self-esteem.

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Anonymous said...

Herman should know, he is often getting his ass reamed by people who don't agree with what he writes.

I am just glad someone writing for our local rag, had the gonads to write about it. I am surprised Berton let him
write it. Wouldn't want to have anything in our daily rag that could provoke thought and discussion. Might lose a handful of paying customers.