Friday, January 4, 2008

All politics is advertising

If the Conservative government had been at all serious about the idea that the GST cut is good for taxpayers, they might have reconsidered spending taxes to promote it in a recent slew of radio ads. Or one could start to think the GST cut is itself just a political advertisement…

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Anonymous said...

Well, thank you Mr. Prime Minister. Let's count our blessings now, shall we?

Federal spending: up
Federal taxes on trust funds: up
Provincial spending: up
Provincial taxes: up
Municipal spending: up
Municipal taxes: up
Federal transfers to provincial and municipal dorks: up
Health care rationing: up
Red light cameras: up
Sobriety roadblocks: up
Gasoline: up
Insurance: up
Food: up
Tuition: up
Tasings: up
Government-sponsored junk science: up
Attempts to control diet: up
Obesity: up
Financial Regulations: up
Bankruptcies: up
Government databases: up
ID theft: up
Drug war budget: up
Drug use: up
Pointless wars: up
Al Qaeda recruiting: up
Government smugness: up
Salaries (government): up
Salaries (non-government): stagnant
Savings: down
Federal sales tax: slightly down

Every once and while it helps to stop and put things in their proper perspective.