Wednesday, January 30, 2008

8th Warmest Year in Decade.

Ok, so if the global temperature is increasing, as we are told repeatedly, why is the trend moving flat or downward on average?

Does 8th warmest mean 3rd coldest? Stands to reason. It looks very much like 2007 was colder than 1988, 1992, and 1996, not to mention most of the last decade. Our detractors will still claim this as “climate change” but we have never claimed that climate is static.

I’m currently in Calgary, Alberta and we are just emerging from veru cold temperatures -39C, most of Alberta is in the deep freeze, much of the Canadian prairies have been hot by severely cold tempertures over the last several weeks. Calgary benefits from the Chinook, a warming wind that moderates winter cold. While we were in the freezer, Banff, just 100 kilometres to the west saw temperatures 30 degrees warmer, hovering at -8C.

This winter, my home location of Comox, BC on Vancouver Island or”Lotus Land” as some call it, has seen prolonged cold. Sure its only -5 or so, but we usually see temps above zero. We have also seen more snow than average. More climate change? Yes! But is it “Climate Change”? More like business as usual.

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