Sunday, December 30, 2007

Denialist Ambient: Brown Bin

The London Fog has been at the forefront in warning against the disturbing new Internet phenomenon of "global warming denialist" music. This new form of hatecore is aimed directly at our children and other vulnerable people who may not yet be convinced of the scientific and spiritual realities of man-made global warming.

To this point, most denialcore has been harsh, loud, and aggressive, cynically produced to appeal to violent, disaffected youth denied access to the after-school programs they need to prevent them from falling into a lifestyle of climate crime and denialism. But it appears that the denialist virus has spread from hardcore through new wave into ambient music itself.

We just received the latest MP3 album from Toronto-based denialcore ambient project Brown Bin. The laid-back, 50-minute self-titled release includes tracks such as "Secret Fluorescent Bulb Gutter Disposal, 2 AM", "Drifting In Disbelief", "Unsettled Scientist", and the one highlighted below, "Delusory CO2 Theory". Do not be fooled by its placidity: this ambient music positively drips with denial of established scientific truth.


We invite denialism-watchers around the globe to send us local examples of the denialist phenomenon. It is important that we all work together to monitor this disturbing trend in music.


basil said...

This is the most disturbing denialist music yet. While the harder edge music is easily identifiable as socially counter-productive, this music creeps in subtly, leaving the listener in a state of denial without being able to consciously identify the source of the socially counter-productive attitudes.

Parents beware!

Anonymous said...

Not bad, but it would have better with bagpipes.

That is bagpipe music for sure.