Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Don't limit your past, limit your future instead

And what better way to begin than by raising public awareness for your special cause at the expense of all the other group's special causes. Let's consider the position of lesbian bag ladies for instance. They cannot afford cloth bags because they are members of an oppressed group and hence homeless while they await the lottery that is subsidized housing. Remember, one man's garbage is another man's treasure. Ban plastic bags and the victimized vagrants will be forced to steal more grocery carts from Loblaws and Walmart. Theft costs us all because the evil capitalist passes a portion of his expenses onto the dependent consumer. Help save the environment from excessive common sense - lobby for bans against what you have no use for personally.

It all started a year ago when Bosco came to London from Australia and noticed plastic bags made up most of the London litter.

"Our focus is public awareness and we're getting a lot of positive feedback from government associations," she said.

Londoner Maryanne MacDonald, already involved with a program to reduce plastic bags, through the Hyde Park United Church, joined Bosco's campaign after hearing her speak.

"We didn't have the massive use of plastic bags before and we managed," said MacDonald, a retired worker in the city's environmental health and safety department.
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