Monday, July 2, 2007

Climate Change Denial Music Festival Slated For July 7

As most of the world focuses on next weekend's "Live Earth" festivities, London's Thomas Cream Park will play host to a very different, very controversial festival. "DenialFest" will be a gathering of hardcore anthropogenic climate change denial bands from across the globe. These bands represent the rage and confusion of disaffected young nihilists motivated by despair, poverty, or the lure of the next big thing in music, to deny scientific consensus about global warming. The purpose of this festival, say organizers, is to mobilize denial of the widespread belief in what fans consider to be "one of the greatest popular delusions in history."

Community leaders in many urban centers around the world have warned of the disturbing rise of this "global warming denial hatecore". Originating with Barrie's Charred Nothingness in 2002 and spreading as far as Russia, Japan, and Brazil, the music is harsh, abrasive, and nihilistic in everything but its rage-blinded denunciation of the theory of anthropogenic global warming. In contrast to the funky, smooth, global-warming-aware sounds of Live Earth oldies bands U2 and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, global warming hatecore is widely considered near-unlistenable by the unacquainted. The wasteful, violent, and unpredictable shows are often announced only hours beforehand. They are typically held in basements, rented warehouses, and pubilc parks.

The concerts are marked by blatant, even provocative wasting of energy. Among fans, there is a custom that all cars should remain idling while parked during the show. One act, Japan's Burushida Gora, is headed by infamous food-wasting performance artist Ito. Ann Arbor's An Inconvenient Hate is notorious for sharing the stage with one or more large, noisy freezers full of hard-working space heaters.

"Denial music follows in the footsteps of other extreme types of popular entertainment." said Dr Hilda Reich, visiting professor of contemporary music studies at Huron College University. "The young people drawn to this music are disaffected from society, and wish to shock us by flouting society's deeply cherished belief in the wickedness of material possession. The answer is not to ban or censor these events. We must teach our children ever more effectively why we must sacrifice, so that one day no one will remember that anyone ever felt so strongly about denying the established truth of anthropogenic global warming."

"Call it climate dinosaur rock."

Those behind this new wave of hate rock seem to revel in the shock value of their controversial form of music. "We make our music like we make our lives," emails Six Eight, the German-born founder of the influential Global Warming Lie label. He has attached a video of the label's most popular band, Charred Nothingness, performing at the Barrie Orpheum. The music is a billowing cloud of fury, pushing an already unhinged crowd to new levels of violence and climate change denial. Six Eight seems pleased with the visual effects, but a dizzying, brilliant light show is wasted given the already-blazing house lights and dozen white searchlights pointed directly at the ceiling. Shadows of bodies jerk and shove unpredictably to the ugly music. Even without the painful lights, there would be little to see other than the dry ice pervading the air. "Other musicians use dry ice for cheesy effect, but for us it is activism to fill an entire place with dry ice for hours so there are still wisps the next morning. I am a very wealthy man, and dry ice costs nothing. I will fill your park. We show it is nonsense, this global warming."

Why does the music have to be so unpleasant? "First, our music is only as harsh and uncompromising as our attitude on global warming. This is not progressive music in any way. Second, it is a waste of energy to play so fast and angry. It is what we feel and this is our music. We waste energy in so many ways to make it and bring it to people. We give some of the energy to the crowd, but we waste so much energy too. It is cleansing, cleansing the pollution of the global warming lie with loud fucking hardcore and people going crazy, you feel human again. Everyone jumps around and beats on each other, yelling, fighting, drinking, we are all wasting so much energy, and carbon too probably. (Laughs) It is wonderful."

Notorious PMRC founder Tipper Gore herself has not yet commented on the phenomenon of climate hate-rock, but it would seem the perfect foe for the Gore family. Hamilton's infamous Recyclenots have released an entire CD of scatalogical deprecations of the theory of anthropogenic global warming that seem tailor-made for a Gore tag team. The bands seek to outdo each other with juvenile, filthy putdowns of science on all levels. It is rumoured, but doubtful, that Al Gore himself took his book title "Assault On Reason" from a New Jersey-based climate hatecore group of the same name.

Between 200-250 climate hate rock fans from across Ontario and Michigan are expected to begin arriving next Friday. London Police are tight-lipped about the festival and whether any known climate criminals will be attending. Given the rowdy behaviour and fights that characterize mass gatherings of global warming deniers, police are expected to be vigilant.

Perhaps it will take provocative festivals such as these to bring the seedy underbelly of climate change hate rock into the limelight.

  • Charred Nothingness (Canada) - Global Warming Lie (Live)
  • Burushida Goru (Japan) - F**k Of The Carbon Credit
  • An Inconvenient Hate (US) - S**t Smeared CO2 Propaganda

    Anonymous said...

    Uh boy. You KNOW how THIS is gonna go down.

    1. a bunch of "white pride", "straight pride", and "anti-Zionism" assholes will show up with "free speech" advocates who deny the holocaust...probably led by Paul Fromm.

    2. a bunch of violent "anti-racist action" assholes - bearing signs printed by international socialist organizations - will show up to ensure that the police arrest someone as the cameras click away.

    3. the London Free press will be on hand to write a report suggesting that global warming denial attracts holocaust deniers.

    4. the event will live on as "PROOF" that: if you deny human CO2 emissions are causing catastrophic climactic change, you are a "white pride", "straight pride", holocaust denier.

    This event has disaster written all over it.

    command economy said...

    I am staying well away from it.

    Anonymous said...

    I am around young people and really like to get their take on things. I know the power of propoganda on their lives, I was there, and was caught up in it also.

    They are innudated with this glowtardian nonsense on a constant basis. They are all for it, so I pretend I am. I tell them I think that is just so wonderful of them to give up not owning a car or a home in their lifetime. I congratulate them for forgoing having children for mother earth. I tell them rationing of food can work, and our governments will be able to supply our basic needs when we put all our paycheques in a pool, if we have a job, for the governement to dole out.

    It seems to me that when you are younger, thinking is not an asset, and maybe it shouldn't be. I watch thier eyes as I go on and on about the glourious world we will be living in when we are no longer greedy and are willing to sacrafice everything for mother earth. Every so often I catch one who I know is thinking. That is a good sign.

    Anonymous said...


    Assuming that people who don't agree with you are substituting thought for propaganda, while you are by inference some brave freethinker who has thrown off the shackles of "glowtardian nonsense", is simply a recipe for intellectual laziness.

    The fact that you admit you've abandoned reasoned debate in favour of venting your spleen on a like-minded blog confirms you have yet to say anything of import.

    If you want to debate global warming, talk facts. Prove that there is not significant evidence of human-caused global climate change. And no, rock bands don't cut it. Michael Chrichton doesn't cut it. Nor does Little Green Footballs, or the scientific cherry-pickings of Licia Corbella, or the fact-free slanders of Peter Worthington, or fossil-fuel industry fronts like the Greening Earth Society. But if you have a cogent argument, I'll listen.

    You also seem to assert that global warming is some dastardly socialist plot cooked up by a cabal of Comintern apparatchiks. Really, you don't say? Prove it.

    Your charitable opinions of others are yours to nurse, but not very useful. Frankly, they're childish.

    Anonymous said...

    Ok, here is my scientific argument.

    Last week it was cool in the mornings and evenings. This morning it is hot, good chance it will be hot throughout the week, because we are in the month of July. It snowed last December, and in the month of December for years, as long as I can remember. Last October, the leaves turned red and brown and fell off the trees, that has been happening for awhile here too.

    We have had cooling and warming periods of the earth, since Jesus was a cowboy. You should look into that. It might give you a clue as to what could be happening now.

    We have also had witch doctors and rainmen. We have had doomsdayers since the beginning of time calling up storms to wipe the people off the face of the earth, to try and control their behaviour. When a natural disaster happens, which they do from time to time, they present that as proof of their god's power. Not much different than what the glowtardian cult are doing now.

    When the tusamni hit Indonesia there were actually reglious cults stating that was their god's way of population control, atonement for our sins, ditto for AIDS.

    Global warming hysteria is just that, a bunch of nutjobs wanting to control the unwashed masses to behave in a certain manner.

    The historic Lisbon earthquake of 1755 killed more than 100,000 people - and afterward, priests roamed the streets, hanging people they suspected of incurring god's wrath.

    Global warming was not even mentioned in 1755, There were still scientist running around trying to prove the earth was flat, and the medical community telling everyone masturbation caused blindness.

    Now you can chose to believe that, I think it is fucking nonsense.