Sunday, July 29, 2007

Are we proud now?

This year's Pride London Festival, the subject of a passively congratulatory article in the London Free Press, received not only the implicit endorsement of Londoners from city council's decision to fly the pride flag at City Hall but also a $2,500 donation from city taxpayers that the festival's organizers didn't even ask for.

Coun. Nancy Branscombe, who urged her council colleagues to let the pride flag be flown for this year's festival, said she didn't see the need for a debate about it.
I'd suggest that maybe if the rest of us didn't ask hard enough, Branscombe wouldn't see the need to debate about throwing other people's money our way either. But I suppose that non-debate wouldn't do anything to burnish her progressive credentials…


Anonymous said...

Well, seeing as this weekend was "Rock The Park" in London, and Ted Nugent was there, perhaps City Hall should have flown Nugent's ensign! Diversity and all.

MapMaster said...

A Ted Nugent banner would be at least as inclusive or maybe more so. Isn't that the idea? Or is it to manufacture inclusion in segregates?

Anonymous said...

I don't really know what the "idea" is. I just think that London City Hall should have flown his ensign, machine guns and all.

See, I'm becoming a minority. I like to eat meat and fish, and even hunt at times. I want some god damned recognition!!!

At YOUR expense too!!

I want ALL of our elected politicians, no matter where they might be, to spend time debating my rights as a white male, descended of the kingdom of Israel, (one of the lost ten tribes), eating meat, having fun with guns, and bbqing trout on the grill - to hang my ensign, along with Ted's.

Mine is of course, if I really need one, the Gadsden Ensign.

I actually wore it on my t-shirt the first night of the "Rock The Park."

Amazing the chicks it attracted :)

I want London to fly that ensign.

Anonymous said...

Talking about things people are proud of, which could be anything, and we are all to celebrate according to the laws dictated to us by politically correct Fascism.I find some things go a wee bit too far. I know I am going out on limb saying this and I could be pulled before a star chamber, but I am taking my chances.

BBQ Fundraiser for London War Resisters Support Group
Submitted by Anthony V on July 19, 2007 - 1:03pm. Fundraisers
Start: Aug 11 2007 - 4:00pm
End: Aug 11 2007 - 8:00pm
85 Forward Ave. (south of Riverside at Woodward)

Fundraiser for London War Resisters Support Group
Meet US resisters refusing to fight in Iraq & Afghanistan .
Saturday, August 11 from 4:00 p.m.
85 Forward Ave. (south of Riverside at Woodward; use Riverside or
Cherryhill bus)
Park on the south side of Forward.
Bring a chair, something to barbecue, musical instruments & your choice of
Salads, deserts & lemonade supplied.
50/50 draw
Suggested donation $10, $5 students/unwaged.
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I sort of like observing the London commie site, the warpiness amuses me. Why would one hold a dinner for cowardly deserters? Why would one have to raise money for traitors to their country? Are traitors to their country also lazy and encapable of working? Are cowardly US deserters too good to stay at the men's mission, and eat in our soup kitchens? Perhaps they are too scared to stay there. How many cowardly traitors are living in London? Do they collect a welfare cheque? I don't think the dinner went over well, no pictures, nor comments.

I am just wondering if there is enough of them to hold a parade, and if they have designed a flag to fly at London city hall. Anthony, could you give us the low down on the cowardly deserter club residing in London.