Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Bring your own shovel

First they came for the lightbulbs
and I did not speak out
because I liked to sit in the dark.
Then they came for the plastic bags
and I did not speak out
because I already owned a cloth bag.
Then they came for the oil
and I did not speak out
because I did not drive a car.
Then they came for me
and there was no one left
to save me from the planet.
Though it has long been apparent that John Tory's Conservatives are essentially indistinguishable from the other major socialist parties in Ontario, the Conservatives are out-gimping Dalton McGuinty and his gang when it comes to plastic bags.
Environmentalists and opposition critics blasted the Ontario government Wednesday for announcing a voluntary plan to reduce the use of plastic bags by half over five years, saying the province should take more concrete action sooner.

[..] The province wants retailers to train staff to double-bag less often and to offer alternatives such as paper bags and reusable cloth carriers. It has set a target of eliminating one billion bags from circulation by 2012.

McGuinty defended the voluntary approach, saying the government wants to work with retailers to help change consumer behaviour rather than impose a ban or tax on plastic bags to force the issue.

"We've worked with teachers, we've worked with our doctors . . . now we're going to work with the retail sector when it comes to dealing with plastic bags," he said.

[..] In Ontario, Conservative critic Tim Hudak said the Liberals should have taken action earlier to curb the use of plastic bags.

"Let's get this straight, four years into a mandate and they're setting a plan for five years later still," Hudak said. "Too little, too late."

New Democrat Michael Prue said the province should follow San Francisco's lead and mandate the use of bio-degradable plastic bags made out of corn starch.
Soon after the present hordes of Ontario announced they were looking to ban the sale of "inefficient" light bulbs, the Federal Conservatives promised to do so across the entire country. Is a plastic bag registry next? Or could this recyclable series of five year plans be as lucrative as selling carbon credits?
... fashion designers are already moving to cash in on the trend.

There is a silk Hermes bag with a price tag of US$960, made of hand-wrought silk, while Castiglioni's foldable nylon bag retails for $843. The Stella McCartney organic canvas shopper sells for a mere $495.
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basil said...

Plastic bags fit wonderfully over the heads of most politicians. Simply open the bags up, slip over the head of your local MPP or councilor and tie the ends tightly. Just like you would for dog shit.

Lisa Turner said...


At least dog shit goes away, unlike politicians.

Anonymous said...

What about the bag ladies? Did they not stop and consider their needs and wants? What will they carry their rags around in? Next it will be shopping carts and the bag people will be walking around with their shoulders hunched and their hands out, screaming ,"what the fuck!" into the air.

Lisa Turner said...


It's all good. More beggars contribute to a healthier planet.

Stop being so selfish. Using more than one square to wipe up is discriminatory. Stop it!

Jake said...

You see the Ontario Environment Minister Broten yap about the plastic bags today? They want to look at putting a tax on every bag. Just what we fucking need in Ontario, another tax. And she is issuing an ultimatum towards consumers and retailler alike by suggesting they need to change their habits.

Since the days of the plastic bag industry are likely numbered, I'd say the manufacturers go all out on production for the next few years and simply stockpile them to last decades. Ditto for the incandescent bulbs. That way the government's "voluntary participation" on environmental initiatives remain just that for the foreseeable term.

Paul McKeever said...

Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose...

Canadian Press, February 21, 2007:

Ontario is considering becoming the first province in Canada to follow Australia's lead in banning old-fashioned, energy-sucking light bulbs, Environment Minister Laurel Broten said Wednesday as the province draws up a plan to cut its greenhouse gas emissions.
Ontarians want to be part of a solution to climate change, [PC leader, John] Tory said, and banning incandescent light bulbs is a good place to start.

"They need some leadership from the government," he said. "The question we should focus on is, when can we do this, and the answer should be as soon as possible. They should get on with it."

command economy said...

Oh I put all my tin cans in the blue box
Though I could see it was a scam of a chore
Then the sickness started growing
The bullshit started flowing
And I ain't recyclin' anymore

For I've bagged my share of lawn waste
In a thousand clear plastic bags
I was there at the P.C. convention
I heard many men lying
I saw many more trying
But I ain't recyclin' anymore

It's always the dumb to lead us to the fad
It's always the young to make believe it all
Now look at all we've won with the blue box and the gun
Tell me is it worth it all

For I didn't vote for these cultists
But I thought maybe I'd help
Yes I even put raw meat
In the green bin on the street
But I ain't recyclin' anymore

For I turned down my AC in the global warming summer
Cause communists can't run a power system
Oh I must have killed a million trees
And now they want me on my knees
But I ain't recyclin' anymore


For I replaced my incandescents with the mandated flourescents
Cause someone needed back their investments, it's the law
When I saw the fixture burning
I knew that I was learning
That I ain't recyclin' anymore

Now the labor leader's screamin' when they close the auto plants,
Freezing in the cold and dark is such a bore,
Call it "Peace" or call it "Treason,"
Call it "Love" or call it "Reason,"
But I ain't recyclin' any more.

Anonymous said...

That was sweet Mike. I heard on the radio this morning that our city taxes are going up again. It supposedly is to pay for sewer and water. No mention on how much we are paying for the new bullshit power supply that the idiots are buying into, without consulting the taxpayer. It is going to be comical when the left glowtard movement all go before city hall to get money to pay thier wages for pretending to help the poor. and they are all told to fuck off there isn't any.