Friday, February 23, 2007

David Suzuki is a carbon-spewing beast

Tom Brodbeck, writing for the Winnipeg Sun, questions David Suzuki's carbon polluting transportation choice for his cross-country propaganda tour:

With all the alternative-energy modes of transportation out there, Suzuki and his entourage are crossing Canada in a sprawling, "rock-star-style" diesel-burning tour bus, emitting more greenhouse gases during his 30-day tour than many of us do in a year.

That's right. Mr. Kyoto isn't so green after all.

"It's diesel," Jason Curan, a media staff member on the Suzuki tour told Sun Media yesterday. "It's a tour bus -- kind of likeAC a rock-star tour bus."

You know, one of those big-ass, diesel-guzzling, carbon-spewing beasts?

The kind that emits tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and supposedly contributes to some future catastrophic climate event.

[..] You want to know how many people are travelling with Mr. Kyoto in this oversized carbon burner? Seven. Sometimes eight -- including the bus driver.

Eight people in a vehicle that could probably hold 30.

I guess that's what Curan meant when he said the bus was "kind of too fancy for our needs."

[..] Here's the funny part: Suzuki says it's OK for his gang to burn diesel because the tour is "carbon neutral."


That's right. They keep track of all the greenhouse gases they emit, put a dollar value on it and invest in a corresponding amount of "clean power" -- like windmills -- in developing countries.

That'll work.

They're called "carbon credits."
HT: Story and pictures via Free Dominion.

Meanwhile, Al Gore steps out of his limousine to criticize Canadian carbon emissions:
And the former U.S. vice-president came bearing an inconvenient message for Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his rejection of the Kyoto accords.

"Canada in the past has been known for its leadership, and I think now is a time when some people put a question mark after Canada on this," Gore said, after alighting from a limousine -- gas-operated, by the way -- for his sold-out speech to 1,500 at the University of Toronto's Convocation Hall.

"I'm not a citizen of Canada but it's awful important for Canada to live up to its reputation," he said. "I love Toronto, I love Canada. Canada, I'm convinced, is going to come back on the right path."
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MapMaster said...

They keep track of all the greenhouse gases they emit, put a dollar value on it and invest in a corresponding amount of "clean power" -- like windmills -- in developing countries.

As a commenter at Dust my Broom notes, "this type of practice would be called an “indulgence” or selling an indulgence."

Honey Pot said...

So what the prophet Susuki is saying that if you are wealthy, you can emit all the carbon you can buy? Yeah, that will make sense to the eco-terrorist.

The leaders of the tree hugging, leaf-eating new puritans, expect me to get rid of my truck and bike or walk, but they can drive because they are rich. You want to see a revolt in this country, you just bring it on you disciples of doom.

Jay Jardine said...

It goes against social justice that the well off like David Suzuki get to jump the carbon queue using their credit cards.

We As A Society need to provide single-payer air care. Why should the poor be denied the ability to invest in clean power sources?


command economy said...

Selling indulgences is exactly right. But, at least some entrepreneurs are running their own medicine shows:

Sydney-based Easy Being Green says it will mitigate your cat's flatulent contribution to global warming for A$8 ($6). The same company could also make your granny ``carbon-neutral'' at A$10 a year, according to a report in the Australian newspaper last weekend.

Don't die with a carbon debt on your shoulders! Your grandchildren might end up in a very hot place!

No word on whether such purchases are tax deductible; if that could be managed in Canada, it could be an excellent opportunity for some Liberal Party front organizations!