Monday, October 30, 2006

That Was No Ordinary Protest Goon, That Was VP, NDP London North Centre!

Good Lord! It gets weirder.

Go here for the original story, including audio clips.

That Union Thug who harassed and marginalized me at the late war protest -- physically denying my right to peacefully photograph a public event in a public place -- turns out to be Gil Warren, the Vice President of the NDP London-North-Centre riding association.

The comments box to this post would be an excellent place for NDP sympathizers, and moreover, candidates in the London North Centre riding, to reaffirm their party's, and their own, support for journalistic freedom to take photographs at public events.

NDP London North Centre candidate Megan Walker? Riding association president Stephen Maynard?

Reread that post with this in mind: it was not just any union thug, but an NDP riding association vice president:

  • Aggressively demanding my identity as the price of peacefully going about my business;
  • Physically preventing me from going about said peaceful business of taking photographs in a public place;
  • Shouting ridiculous accusations of me being a CIA or CSIS agent (now why would an NDP vice president have anything to worry about on that score, even if I were one?);
  • Ascribing my odious views to my blue eyes and white skin;
  • Equating the killing of Taliban with the murder of raped women by Taliban.
  • Hear more Gil "Choice Is A Red Herring" Warren audio here, in conversation with Bob Metz of the Freedom Party of Ontario on AM 1290 a few years back.

    I'd apologize to the UTE-SEI for associating Gil "It's Not About Choice" Warren entirely with their organization in my first post... but, fuck them.


    basil said...

    Ha, ha!
    NDP Vice President = tax collectors' union member.
    Taxes for the sake of taxes.

    Robert McClelland said...

    Gawd what a whiny ass titty baby you are. You were there as an agent provocatuer so shut the hell up.

    Caveman said...

    Mr Warren sounds like he'd be the perfect agent for a totalitarian state... demanding identification in a public area, denying access, etc.

    As for you, Robert McClelland, get a grip, son. You're making the NDP look like even bigger moonbats than they are. Or is it that you would prefer to live in a state that denies everything except that of which you approve?

    Neo Conservative said...

    Oops... there's little Bobby again, still with the potty mouth.

    Gotta say that's one scary picture...

    For a second there, I thought it was the return of the undead.

    This must be what Jack Layton was babbling on about when he told Canadians there was a fourth rei... I mean, a third way.

    command economy said...

    "You were there as an agent provocatuer so shut the hell up."

    I already got that message, direct from NDP executive. It came through loud and clear:

    "Wearing a poppy is a provocation, and grounds for interrogation."

    Neo Conservative said...

    oh yeah, one more thing, bobby mac... didn't we already talk about you guessing at how those big words are spelled.

    it's not 'agent provocatuer...' it's provocateur, from the latin word provocare... to call forth.

    nice try.

    Honey Pot said...

    I can't stop laughing. I just find it so ironic that Me-gain Walker, who is supposedly so concerned about the rights of women, out there flaying her arms, and whaling like a banshee in support of the Taliban. Them cuddling up to the Communist party of Canada makes me want to puke.

    It does not surprise me that Maynard has no clue as to what is going on in the rest of the world, the fucktard didn't even realize they were booting his ass out the door after he worked his little balls off providing a stick for Me-again to poke Haskett with.

    Gil Warren taking on the role as gestapo for the ndp does not surprise me. It must have been so comical him screaming at Mike calling him a government spy. I hope the stupid-sons-of-whores show up at Victoria Part on Nov 11 with their anti-war protest. It would be poetic justice to see the sniveling cowards look in the eyes of our veterans, who would surely spit on the likes of them. They won't show though, because we know, and they know,they are fucking whining cowards.

    Honey Pot said...

    Mike just for the hell of it, you should put a complaint into taliban Jack about the harassment you suffered as a private citizen on public property, at the hands of gestapo Gil. You do have the proof. I would love to read that response letter. If I were you I would take it all the way to the star chamber. Turn the tables, use their own stupidity against them.

    Neo Conservative said...

    Better yet... everybody write.

    Mailing Address - Parliament Hill Office
    Jack Layton, M.P.
    Leader of the NDP
    House of Commons
    Ottawa, ON
    K1A 0A6

    Phone Number
    (613) 995-7224

    Fax Number
    (613) 995-4565

    ferrethouse said...

    The funny thing is Robert McClelland doesn't even seem to realize that even his fellow NDPers think he is an asshole.

    Anonymous said...

    contact information for mr.warren perhaps?

    Honey Pot said...

    Does taliban Jack have an email address? I wouldn't want to be hurting a tree by using a slice of paper, and an envelope to send him a tangible note. It is ok with the ndp if you bury a women up to her neck in sand, and throw large stones at her head until there is nothing left but a bloody pulp, but hurt a tree and the ndp turn crazy. Wouldn't want to piss the ndpers off by being insensitive to a tree. Not taking my life in my hands, worrying about gestapo Gil dressed in a ski-mask knocking down my door for dissing the forest.

    Let me to word it...

    Dear Jack,

    You know how the ndp are suppose to be all passive, and the males are to wear panties because they are of your fold has broken rank, and was verbally aggressive to Mike, a CSIS spy who was photographing your pro-taliban rally at Victoria Park here in London last weekend.

    Gestapo Gil was harassing poor Mikey, and demanding his identification papers. Gestapo Gil also made racist remarks towards Mikey, stating Mikey was of an inferior race because of his blonde hair, and blue eyes. I am of the red head, blue-eyed tribe myself, and I find Gestapo Gils remarks very offensive, and I think he needs to be shot, or at least bitch-slapped upside the head.

    A word of advice.I realize the ndp are not in power, but don't you think you should hide your SS personnel until after the surrender to the taliban? That would be the smart thing to do Jack. You were all doing a fine job pretending you were just a bunch of pansy-assed cowardly nutjobs, don't wreck it now.

    Anonymous said...

    You people are insane. If you think we're in Afghanistan to liberate the women from oppression you're obviously simple-minded fools easily manipulated by the media into supporting the government's agenda at all costs.

    If our government really gave a shit what was happening to the women in Afghanistan, why didn't we invade in 1994 when it all started? Funny how only when the Taliban reneges on a pipeline deal with the U.S. they all of a sudden become "enemies of freedom".

    We're in Afghanistan to carry out missions for the U.S., we are under U.S. command and if you had any pride in this country you would be ashamed that our soldiers are dying to prop up an overextended military industrial complex.

    What in God's name gives you people the delusion that we can succeed where the Soviet army failed miserably?

    If this war really was about women's rights it might be almost acceptable, but judging from your foul dispositions I have serious doubts as to your genuine concern for the plight of women in Afghanistan. Last time I checked the women over there are still wearing mesh blankets covering their entire bodies.

    Don't use women as a shield from criticism of the war, it's really pathetic and reveals your moral cowardice.

    Honey Pot said...

    Your hatred for the USA is very apparent. They go down, we go down you stupid fuckwit. We do 80 percent of our trade with them. Is that telling you anything? We need them so we can eat, to protect us, whether you like it or not.

    Where does the Stautus of Women of Canada stand on the oppression and stoning deaths of the women in Afghanistan? They don't have a position on that do they? Why is that? Could it be because the group is made up of cowardly, selfish silver-spooned socialist, who have no compassion for the plight of women who live in horrid, torturous conditions far away?

    I have more in common with a person in the USA, than I do with the Taliban, Hezzassholes, and Hamas. I prefer our way of life to theirs. I will fight for our way of life, and I will encourage others to do so also.

    Honey Pot said...

    oh,,,and Annoy, this war is about the rights of women, the rights of all of us in the civilized world. This is the muslim world's jihad. A holy war so to speak, thier crusade. I don't like that religious element of it, makes it all the more nasty. Not a religious person myself, find it all very mystical, oppressive and illogical. If it comes down to a toss up between JC and Moe, I am going with JC. That christian entity seems like it might be an easier going kind of god to negotiate human rights with.

    Anonymous said...

    at least here if you disagree you can speak; unlike this rally. apperently freedom of speach only applies to the left

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Anony - You need to take some time to read some more of the blog entries if you think this site contains bloggers "easily manipulated by the media into supporting the government's agenda at all costs".
    I've been reading this site for a couple years now and although I don't always agree with the posts, the good folks at London Fog are not easily manipulated by anyone, especially the media or any government "agenda". The people here seem to have THEIR OWN ideas and perceptions.

    Anonymous said...

    Certainly I would consider myself on the political 'left' and therefore a supporter of free speech.

    However, as far as I know it is still against the law to take and distribute photographs of people expressly against their will and I do not see what that has to do with free speech.

    As for you, Elaine. As hard as it is to reason with foaming-at-the-mouth reactionaries such as yourself, I'm sure if you did e-mail that embarassing diatribe to Jack Layton it would only encourage him that his stance is correct.

    With regards to all the trade we do with the USA, we get ripped off 99.9% of the time when we trade with them because of NAFTA and I wouldn't shed a tear if we were left to our own devices. We have more than enough resources in this country to sustain our population and in actuality the USA needs us far more than we need them. They need our lumber, our water, our coal and our electricity and many other countries in the world would fall all over themselves to fill the trading gap the USA would leave. I'm sure we'd get a better deal, too.

    There is no benefit to Canada with "deep integration", only detriment. Yet I don't expect your feeble mind to grasp such a lofty concept as pride and dignity in one's own country when your knee-jerk reaction is to genuflect to hateful, self-serving imperialist nations.

    Anonymous said...

    My blog entry on this sordid example of the NDP protecting rights and freedoms in Canada:

    An excellent bit of reporting. The sound bites were especially effective!

    Anonymous said...

    That other Anonymous certainly likes living in Canada, enjoying the privilages we have and being able to spout arrent nonsense without consequence.

    Pipeline deal? Go look a a picture of the Rocky Mountains and contemplate the effort and energy a modern, high tech civilization needed to put a few transport links through there. Now lets try to do something similar in a nation with few natural resources or trained personnel through a landscape which is far higher and more rugged than the Rockies. You can draw or even photoshop lines on a map, but this "project" would never pass muster by any serious person with knowledge of economics, engineering, energy markets...of course, knowledge of hard sciences, mathematics or technology would render about 3/4 of the "Left's" platform untenable, which is why the ill educated seem to flock to the ranks.

    Of course some knowledge of history and current events helps as well. Canada entered Afghanistan in 2002 under the Liberal Government and deployed to Kandahar, and is once again performing a UN mandated mission under command of ISAF (NATO) in 2006.

    Truth, like the "invisible hand" of the market, will get you every time.

    Anonymous said...

    Confirms what i've always known about the left: underneath the granola munching, peace loving facade, they're a bunch of thugs and bullies. taht's what they really like about the union movement - gives a potbellied boomer dufus a chance to act tough.
    As for mclelland - he's a typical example.

    command economy said...

    If our government really gave a shit what was happening to the women in Afghanistan, why didn't we invade in 1994 when it all started?

    Your lack of comment on Gestapo Gil's disregard for my rights is noted.

    I mean, I don't expect an NDP sympathizers to agree to keep his hands off my paycheque. The covetous we will always have with us. But unmolested access to a public park without acceeding to 1930s Europe style demands to show papers is the easy stuff, and you're flunking Basic Rights 020, just like Gil Warren and Stephen Maynard.

    The arguments for and against war or for this or that religion are irrelevant.

    What is at issue is the thuggish public behaviour of NDP executive. Back at headquarters you guys can get your jollies demanding ID from each other all you like, but in a public park you're just another citizen.

    I would have put the exact same post up if it were a pro-military protest and it had been someone from the Freedom Party behaving like an eight year old trying out his new Gestapo Halloween costume.

    Anonymous said...

    Another little Stalin in waiting, just give'em enough power and we will all be paying for our crimes.

    Honey Pot said...

    Geez Gestapo Gil... I think you are wrong about taliban Jack not changing his mind about his pro-taliban rallies, after he reads my letter about you getting all frisky, and wanting to pound poor Mikey's melon. I bet he is going to order you go to sensitivity trainning, so you can touch yourself...I mean get in touch with yourself. I hear they make you punch and slap yourself, and call yourself names in front of a full length mirror. It is some sort of weird ndp aversion therapy. Gestapo Gil, I think you need it, if you want to be in the ndp party. They can't have thugs like you hanging around ruining their reputation as the perpetual victim. Do it for the party Gil!

    Honey Pot said...

    Mikey, I will be having nightmares putting that visual in my head, of all those ndpers practising full body cavity searches on each other, down at their headquarters.... ewwwwwww fucking ewwwwwwww.

    Anonymous said...

    It looks like Mr. McClelland agrees with the behavior of this high ranking NDP officer. I have been watching him for a while now.

    If no apology is given, then it is a statement that the NDP is a political movement that uses such methods as their socialist predecessors Stalin, Hitler, and Mao.

    The conclusion is that these types of tactics are now acceptable. I suspect that Mr. McClelland is not completely aware of that which he is attempting to unleash. He is not 'street smart'; I can tell.

    Do you want Brownshirts, Mr. McClelland? You may call people names and giggle, sip a beer at your computer keyboard as you slur and heckle, but are you willing to, as the beloved Koran says, reap what you sew?

    There are dark forces circling in the night. Some wear jackboots, others worship at the altar of Mars. They laugh at you, because you are food.

    Do you wish to unleash them, Mr. McClelland?

    Anonymous said...

    in conversation with Bob Metz of the Freedom Party of Ontario on AM 1290 a few years back.?!?!?!?!?!

    Dude, the only mistake he made was accusing you of being CIA or CSIS. People who cough up radio interviews from years ago are scarier than any spook agency.

    command economy said...

    cough up radio interviews from years ago

    Stop it. I, and everybody else, know you've heard of Google.

    Another tick in the "thuggery is unremarkable" category.

    Honey Pot said...

    Gestapo Gil did more than that. Bad enough that he would put the lives of Canadian soldiers at risk by trying to get the message out to the enemy that we are a nation of weak-willed trolls.

    Gestapo Gil has taken on the persona of the terrorist, hiding under a hood, demanding a private citizen's identification, at a public rally just because the citizen was wearing a poppy. The poppy to most Canadian citizens is a symbol of proud freedom, not something to be aggressively interrogated for by the likes of Gestapo Gil.

    Anonymous said...

    Someone said:

    "However, as far as I know it is still against the law to take and distribute photographs of people expressly against their will and I do not see what that has to do with free speech."

    I'm not a lawyer but when a person attends a public rally with the expressed intention of 'bring seen' they have no expectation of privacy and are fair game for photographers.

    Anonymous said...

    This almost slipped past:

    Certainly I would consider myself on the political 'left' and therefore a supporter of free speech.

    Since when did one follow from the other? Not historically it didn't, and as far as the contemporary political 'left,' when was the last time the anonymous commenter who made this tenuous connection stepped foot on a university campus?

    JG said...

    Gestapo Gil did more than that. Bad enough that he would put the lives of Canadian soldiers at risk by trying to get the message out to the enemy that we are a nation of weak-willed trolls.

    Weak-willed you may not be, but trolls you most certainly are.

    command economy said...


    You'll now proceed to explain how taking photographs of a demonstration in a public park constitutes "troll[ing]".

    Anonymous said...

    Wow. There is like, four jedi of the NDP who all think that what this guy did is OK. The NDP must be being harassed awful bad by CSIS. Either that or they are nuts.

    Anonymous said...

    This is the head of CSIS.You listen up Gestapo Gil.If you harm our agent 1543328, otherwise known as POPPY-BOY, or we are going to make life real hard for you. We will arrange it for you to be working in a soup kitchen in Sibera, or even worse, Hedy Fry's pool boy. Leave our main man alone, if you don't want to end up naked on a calendar beside Scott shiny bum Brison.

    Honey Pot said...

    Poppy boy are you out there? I have strict orders from the big guy to watch your back. If Gestapo Gil approaches you again, you are to eat your identification, and turn over your credit cards to me for safe keeping.

    Honey Pot said...

    Poppy boy, I was told to give you this. Top secret stuff, if it gets into the wrong hands ....well we're dead. Guard it with your life.

    Sky Captain said...

    Mike's right.
    Silence can be damning.

    Anonymous said...

    I think this is hilarious. The low-brow, knuckle dragging 'right' consistantly shows their true colours. For a moment, just humour us... please. back away from your capitalist feeding trough and be critical of yourselves.. for at least a moment... have you heard of the ancient eastern practice of 'tolerance'? oh wait, that is one of those terrorist words that is used for the Jihad right? How about 'understanding'? Nope that would be in the category along side of those welfare bums and queers right? I hope you all have to experience the other side of the coin one day and maybe, just maybe, the silver spoon will gag you on the way in.

    command economy said...


    A mindblowing, Orwellian comment -- and yet so cliched, so unremarkable, so factory-stamped.

    My right to peacefully use a public park was physically denied by another citizen, in a manner verging on assault, and on the grounds of presumed political differences -- and it is I who needs a lesson in "tolerance"?

    In your bigotry, intolerance, and lack of understanding, you ascribe to me hateful views for which you will find no evidence ("queers", indeed) on this blog.

    "I hope you all have to experience the other side of the coin one day and maybe, just maybe, the silver spoon will gag you on the way in."

    I know you do, Anonymous. Whatever coin you might have in mind, I'm sure all that would teach me tolerance and proper respect for progressive causes, wouldn't it?

    My own edification aside, it would serve me right, wouldn't it, for taking pictures of a protest in a public park.

    Anonymous said...

    Wow, how innocent you are mike. Granted, what that individual did was wrong. What I find more disturbing is how you were dishonest with him from the begining. (If you would have told him you were with 'the london fog' the outcome of that situation would have been significantly different.) You then proceeded to antagonize and ridicule him which only escalated the situation. In a perverse way, you seemed to be enjoying this 'perfect' opportunity to expose what you perceive as the real motive of 'progressives'. You exploited an opportunity to serve your desire for controversy on your site, which in turn, increases the popularity of your site. Why not... hold on here this might be rather difficult for you... why not instead of sitting back on your arrogant ass ridiculing everyone else, offer some suggestions as to how we can make positive changes in this city and elsewhere. I find it quite funny you call my last post cliche when you, a person of obvious privledge, needs not worry about social justice or equality because of your white, straight, male and wealthy status. The silver won't rubbing off your spoon anytime in the near future... keep up the good work.

    Don't forget, everything and anything is fair game for exploitation... EH?

    command economy said...

    For the hundredth time, he approached, pursued, and dogged me. That he was foolish enough to provide me with all this revealing stuff is his problem -- or more likely, a symptom of problems boiling not-so-deep inside Gil Warren.

    I see you got the meta-bigotry checklist out! Where would we be without a racial inventory of the dissident population? Q.v.:

    white, straight, male and wealthy status.

    What if I were a left-handed Jew, too? How would that change things in Anonymous-World? Let's just push this baby to the max and pile a southpaw yarmulke on top of my hellbound white rich Gemini pussy-loving 2%-milk-drinking status.

    In your world, would that a) make it more excusable, b) make it less excusable, or c) make no difference in your interpretation of NDP London North riding association vice president Gil Warren harrassing me in a public park? Please show your work.

    On the other hand, if I had been a poor right-handed black 1%-milk-drinking homosexual atheist woman with a pet turtle (but not allergic to peanut butter), would that have made a difference in your interpretation of the events? Again, show your work.

    One more thing that confuses me is that, as you probably know, Gil Warren is white and male. Did you take that into consideration, and if so, how did it affect your thinking?

    I really wanna know, Anonymous. I can't help my white skin, but maybe I can come to understand race a little better.

    Anonymous said...

    You have demonstrated, once again Mike, your uneducated understanding of oppression. If you truly understood a fraction of race, gender or class analysis you would never make such racist, sexist and classist comments... or maybe they don't teach that in upper canada college.

    Here are a few questions I have for you that will hopefully slow your (and your readers) devolutionary process:

    A) Are you currently paying $400 a month in OSAP payments? If so, will you be doing that for the next 16.5 years?

    B) Do you know what it is like to be the 1 out 3 people who are sexually assaulted in their lifetime? How about living in fear of such a situation daily?

    C) What is a security certificate? Why aren't they issued to white people? Why is it so much more difficult for poor people to attain reasonable living conditions then it is for rich people to get richer? (I thought I would attach a CNNMoney link - a source you probably respect)

    Feel free to offer some answers as I actually do want to know what you think. Oh and don't forget to "show your work"

    command economy said...

    Anonymous: You forgot to speak out against abstinence-only sex education, the ozone hole, and the harmful effects of cheese advertising on young pioneers.

    I think your book of devotions is missing a page, somewhere.

    You will be scheduled for re-education once the schools are adequately funded.

    Anonymous said...

    Mikey doesn't want to play anymore? Too much of a reality check for you? I know, I know, if you recognize these problems that means your recognizing yourself as the oppressor... tough gig eh? Well privilege comes with a price. But then again, tories are great at getting away with not paying it.

    command economy said...

    You throw some non sequitur, impertinent questions back at me in lieu of answering my own pertinent questions, and then get snarky when I make fun of your thought-templates.

    But such is life in the Anonymous hall of mirrors. Your projective response fits a pattern that I will now recapitulate.

    You called my comments racist, sexist, and classist, immediately after referring to me as "white, straight, male and wealthy".

    Racist: You were the one who brought race into this, by referring to me as a white person. Race is nothing to me. It is you who believes that conclusions may be drawn about a person's race based on their attitudes.

    Who is the racist?

    Sexist: It is you who considers my sex to be important, and telling. I don't believe you can tell a person's sex from his or her attitudes.

    Who is the sexist?

    Classist: Repeatedly, from the depths of your prejudice, you have referred to (incorrect, btw) assumptions you've made about my background, wealth, and the particulars of my education. Being an individualist rather than a Marxist, I don't believe in the dogma of "classes". On the available evidence, class is very important to you.

    Who is the classist?

    Could it be, Anonymous, that you lack insight into yourself to such a degree that you project your own racism, classism, and sexism onto me, to whom none of these hang-ups apply?

    Know thyself. Open your mind. How old are you, after all? There is still time to change. Ask your parents about it.