Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Pothole city, 2006 edition: Update

With only two days left in the Ontario Worst Roads survey, London ranks second in the province for the worst municipal roads, a huge push from last week when the city ranked fourth behind Toronto, Ottawa and Hamilton. Two streets, Western Road and Thompson Road, are now ranked among the top five worst roads in the province. This shows the tremendous resolve and pride of Londoners in their city. But to keep our place, those Londoners who haven't yet done their civic duty must go vote for your city!

For inspiration, check out the comments of Londoners who have already parked their votes here, and this new comment that pretty much sums it up:

I'm sick and tired of these clowns at City Hall waste our tax dollars on projects like arenas and libraries while our roads are falling apart. As a taxpayer, I care about bread and butter issues like good roads, low taxes and debt, police/ fire etc. Not all these altruist, socialist (government ownership) policies that have led to our high tax burden, loss of private enterprise (business investment), and crubling infrastructure. The 100 plus million dollars the city has spend on civic pet project (eg, central library, JLC) could have been used to fix our roads and failing infrastructure. This, in turn, would have led to lower taxes and spur private investment.
Thank you, Londoners, and thank you anonymous commenter for letting us know about London's dizzying ascent in the rankings.