Tuesday, October 10, 2006

One Size does not fit all

Doctors in the UK are demanding "Size Zero" models be banned from the runways, citing an increase in the sale of size zero clothing.

Doctors today issued their strongest call yet for superskinny models to be banned from the catwalk as it emerged size zero clothes are enjoying a sales boom in London.

In an open letter to the British Fashion Council, 40 doctors and health professionals at London's biggest eating disorders clinic demanded a ban on "models who are clearly anorexic".

"There is no doubt that there is cause and effect here," said Professor Janet Treasure of the Eating Disorders Service and Research Unit at King's College London.

"The fashion industry showcases models with extreme body shapes, and this is undoubtedly one of the factors leading to young girls developing eating disorders."

The letter has been prompted by a debate on size zero models, which began in the Evening Standard and followed the decision by the organisers of Madrid fashion week to ban models with a body mass index below 18 - classified as underweight by the World Health Organisation.
These doctors are clearly engaging in hetronormative racism. What about the key pillars of our society: Diversity, Tolerance and Equality? If models like the one pictured above choose to look like a famished ethiopian, that is great. Likely she is following the wise practise of veganism. She is doing her part to stop global warming. Which leads me to consider that the impossible goal of Total Equality necessarily leads to uniformity and intolerance.

Why stop at banning them from the runway? Perhaps size zero women should be required to wear a burka - their very presence in public might "cause" an eating disorder. Professor Janet Treasure should remember that correlation does not neccesarily imply causation. Consider that girls and women with an obsession with thinness are more likely to focus on the bodies of emaciated women. Consider also that it is physically impossible for most women to fit into size zero clothes, no matter how little they eat. According to the article, the sale of "size zero" clothing is increasing, yet for all the reader knows, it might be 8-year-olds that make up the largest percentage of the market. And further consider that the "public" war against obesity might be influencing women to starve themselves.

For a discussion on the flawed science supporting the body mass index, go here.

There is no doubt that these nannies view the rest of humanity - excepting themselves of course - as unfit to make their own choices without extensive studies and enlightened professionals to "direct" their behaviour by controlling aspects of the environment.

I would have thought that the best way to discourage women from starving themselves would be to parade these models up and down the runway until they collapse from lack of nourishment. I mean, come on. Does this skeleton of a woman really inspire emulation? For that matter, it is a wonder that a designer who is trying to sell clothing would choose such a sickly looking specimen to market the product line.

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comicbooklady said...

I like the burka idea! no, seriously, I think the increase in sales for size zero is not because of an increase in skinny models, but that they even offer the size at all. When I left children's sizes behind and jumped into adult sizes, adult sizes started at size 5/6, when I was in highschool I was wearing a 5/6, I peaked at size 7/8, now I can wear a 4 in some stores.I am not smaller than I was in highschool. I think there are no standards to sizing and they change the size numbers to flatter women's egos. Remember 'relax fit'? You can buy jeans in size 7/8 'regular', 'slim' or 'relax fit'(just to name a few)the number is irrelevant, it is all in the cut. I also think there are more adolescents buying those 'tween' sizes.

Honey Pot said...

I can wear a size four on my left thigh, but a size 7 on the right one. What the hell is that all about? I wore a size 4 when I was four. Confusing it is.

Sky Captain said...

Nice photo.
Who says Belsen isn't sexy?

Anonymous said...

You mean Bergen-Belsen? Gotta love that bags-under-the-eyes look [insert eyeroll here].

I blame the sick bastards that hire these women. I won't even start with talk about their obvious sexual tastes...

Honey Pot said...

yeah....that model looks like a starving little girl or boy to me. A kid for sure. Makes me sick that the fashion industry is catering to paedophiles.

Sky Captain said...

If you look at the model's face, it appears to be the picture of self-possession.
This is to imply a functioning personality that cares about style no matter how ravaged it gets.

This is their ideal. They sympathetically self-immolate all their working lives, and seek to demonstrate the result.
Obviously this goes hand in hand with support for causes, making them 'fashionable' as it were.
Like famine relief and disease relief.

In all conscience, in order to maintain the correct level of sympathy, the fashionistas could do no other than require the physical and mental destruction of ambitious models, while requiring that the destruction be self-inflicted and conscious.