Monday, October 16, 2006

The Occupation continues in Caledonia

Over 500 people showed up for yesterday's rally against the insurgent occupation in Caledonia. Five protesters were arrested as the native protesters enjoyed police protection, a potluck supper, free hydro and water. $55 million and rising ... and what about those destroyed hydro poles?

McGuinty Two-Tier and his goons are proud of themselves, John Tory calls for a $50 million study and newly appointed OPP commissioner Julian Fantino is considering his role as the Natives wonder why they weren't consulted.

Ontario's First Nations are disappointed that the province named Julian Fantino the new OPP commissioner without consulting them, an adviser to the chiefs said yesterday.

"We wanted the opportunity to have input or play an advisory role," Pam Hunter said. "We know we can't select the new commissioner."

Hunter said they wrote to Public Safety Minister Monte Kwinter asking for input and they were told an outside firm was conducting the search.
I guess the rest of us are of no consequence.

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